Life and stuffs lately.

This weekend was an uneventful one filled with time spent in bed, lots of series (Friends, in particular), reading and some chicken soup. We weren’t feeling our loveliest, so felt it was worth our while to take it easy. We spent shabbos at Greg’s family in Milnerton. The weather was stormy and we didn’t even make it to shul. My thought process was, if I wouldn’t stand outside in the cold for half an hour, why must I walk for half an hour in that weather when I’m already not feeling up to scratch? So we stayed indoors all day reading with our hot water bottles. I must say, days like that should be cherished.

On Sunday, we were feeling worse. Actually, I was feeling worse and Greg was feeling on the onset of sickness. More bed, more series, toast with peanut butter. That was our morning. In the afternoon we had a very good friend’s 21st (I know right, a 21st? How old am I even??). We’re somewhat used to being the oldest at her parties. Either way, it was a lovely tea at arguably one of the better kosher restaurants in Cape Town. Those scones with strawberry jam and cream really made my day.

There’s lots going on at the moment. One of my closest friends is getting married a week from tomorrow, so there is lots going on in terms of kitchen teas, shabbos together, the wedding day itself (!!!!) and hosting Sheva Brachot afterwards. I was feeling super stressed about it yesterday, somehow it just seemed like there were so many things to do. I have a nasty habit of thinking of all the millions things that need to be done and never actually write them down. Naughty. So I think I just need to do some planning. I’m so excited for this wedding. (I’m also super excited to wear my gorgeous bridesmaid dress – how often do you hear that?) Guys, I just love weddings. I love celebrating love, and people, and good friends, and happiness. And the dancing of course. They don’t come around often enough (or rather, I have too many friends in Jhb getting married).

I have a good handful of things to do in the next two weeks. So I feel like the days are booked up! I mean, I made challah yesterday because I wouldn’t have time this week (I feel silly for not taking photos, I made sundried tomato & pesto flavour this week!). And I made some really special ones for Sheva Brachot. If you didnt know, Sheva Brachot translates to “7 blessings”, they’re said under the chuppah (canopy) at a Jewish wedding and at the Grace After Meals. In the week after the wedding, people host the bride & groom and their friends/family to continue the wedding celebrations. We had some really special sheva brachot for our wedding, so I’m really looking forward to spreading some love for my dear friends.

Oh, and on top of all this: it’s my birthday shortly after all this fun. I’m in the midst of planning a birthday party. It’s really difficult to plan when your friends are mostly still studying, you always have to fight for attention with exams and assignments. So I’m looking around the time of varsity vac, it’s a couple weeks after my birthday but I have some plans up my sleeve.

Anyway, so that’s what going on lately (or rather, what’s coming up!). I haven’t found so much time to blog recently (and when I have, it’s more cool design things than things from life), but I’ll try be a bit better. Just wait for the post on the wedding, and the pictures! (and this dress I’m in love with, duh).

Have a great and happy week everyone 🙂


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