My favourite childhood cartoon characters have all grown up!

I’m having a kind of off day, so I don’t really feel like typing something deep, inspiring or even witty. But I do feel like smiling, and sharing those smiles with all of you. I came across this design article on Design Taxi, which is possibly one of my favourite pages I follow on Facebook (That, and Humans of New York).

They showcased a post of how Celeste Pille, an illustrator imagined certain 90’s cartoon characters all grown up (or all growed-up, if you’ll understand the Rugrats reference). Goodness growing up in the 90’s was awesome. And boy, did I love the Rugrats growing up. My childhood bestie (who is still one of my besties) and I used to play her Rugrats computer game for hours. I don’t even know what the game entailed, but I vividly remember playing. I also remember when she came back from a trip to Australia, raving about Nickelodeon and I was super bleak that we didn’t have it in SA. I then rejoiced when it finally did and I was introduced to characters from shows like Hey Arnold.

So here they are: the Rugrats characters, among others (including the Magic School Bus gang) all growed up.

rugrats_angelica Rugrats_chucky rugrats_phil_lil rugrats_susie rugrats_tommyhey_arnoldhey_arnold02hey_arnold_helgaPepperAnnemagic_school_bus_college


I never pictured any of these characters as grown ups before, but I think Chucky and Tommy are such great fits! What do you think? And who was your favourite 90’s cartoon character?


6 comments on “My favourite childhood cartoon characters have all grown up!

  1. Ugh, I hated Hey Arnold!

  2. Rivki Silver says:

    That was so much fun! I needed this. A lot of my posts recently have been on serious topics, and it’s nice to just look at something clever and pretty. 🙂 I love how Lil is wearing a little ducky necklace!

  3. Zsa says:

    I saw a picture once, well, two next to each other, depicting how the Magic Schoolbus kids had grown up to be the teenagers of Captain Planet. It truly was uncanny. This was fun though.

  4. […] My favourite childhood cartoon characters have all grown up! ( […]

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