Thank god for spare car keys.

Let me set the record straight – I’m not an irresponsible person (why do I feel I’ve used this line to open a blog post before…). I don’t lose or leave things that are important to me, or important at all, lying around to get lost. Well, thankfully the item in question hasn’t been quite lost, but we’ll get there.

I arrived home yesterday a little later than usual. Had two heavy bags, one from each shoulder, juggling my cellphone, house keys and the little pouch I keep my car keys in. I keep my house and car keys separate, because my mechanic uncle said it’s bad for your ignition to have such a heavy weight of all your keys on it. Anyway. A friend of mine was in Cape Town for the day for work, and I wasn’t able to see her so I returned her call quickly that I missed while I was driving. I get into the flat, put down my stuff, finish chatting and continue with my evening.

Later on we were doing dishes, and I went to fetch the containers I’d had my lunch in that day. I remember it falling out of my bag while I was driving, and realised I must have left it in the car. Greg, the sweet human that he is, offered to go get it for me (keeping in mind, I don’t have a parking in our building, but 2 buildings down from us). I couldn’t find my pouch with my keys, so took out the spare key to my car which I keep in my wallet (a smart move on my dad’s part giving us these keys, as once a couple days before my wedding, my brother had taken the car to Suikerbossie and locked the keys inside by mistake. My dad quickly copied the key and made sure we keep it in our wallet for such situations).

Greg was so glad he went down to fetch it for me, for a number of reasons:

1. He decided to take the lift. We live on the 2nd floor, so while we sometimes take the lift up (lazy, ok, we know) we hardly ever take it down.

2. In the lift was a notice, going something along the lines of “I found a small purse with a virgin active card and what looks like a set of car keys” with her flat number.


I could even tell you EXACTLY what was in it (my car keys, earphones, gym card, a business card for Powers Motors and my blistex lip ice)

Unfortunately, the lady wasn’t home for some reason, even later in the evening (if you can still consider 10 o’clock at night “evening”). In my rush to get ready this morning, I didn’t have time to go upstairs to find her. But thank goodness for my spare key. Thank goodness my brother was silly enough to lock the keys in the car, resulting in a spare key. (as a side note, really thank goodness I hadn’t been dumb enough to leave my wallet in the car. Phew)

Truth is, it wouldn’t have been the biggst train smash. Greg and I would have made it work until I got my set back, as he works around the corner from me. But can you imagine the phone call to my dad if I’d lost the keys? No, I wouldn’t like to do that either.

Also, thank god for nice neighbours 🙂

Life and stuffs lately.

This weekend was an uneventful one filled with time spent in bed, lots of series (Friends, in particular), reading and some chicken soup. We weren’t feeling our loveliest, so felt it was worth our while to take it easy. We spent shabbos at Greg’s family in Milnerton. The weather was stormy and we didn’t even make it to shul. My thought process was, if I wouldn’t stand outside in the cold for half an hour, why must I walk for half an hour in that weather when I’m already not feeling up to scratch? So we stayed indoors all day reading with our hot water bottles. I must say, days like that should be cherished.

On Sunday, we were feeling worse. Actually, I was feeling worse and Greg was feeling on the onset of sickness. More bed, more series, toast with peanut butter. That was our morning. In the afternoon we had a very good friend’s 21st (I know right, a 21st? How old am I even??). We’re somewhat used to being the oldest at her parties. Either way, it was a lovely tea at arguably one of the better kosher restaurants in Cape Town. Those scones with strawberry jam and cream really made my day.

There’s lots going on at the moment. One of my closest friends is getting married a week from tomorrow, so there is lots going on in terms of kitchen teas, shabbos together, the wedding day itself (!!!!) and hosting Sheva Brachot afterwards. I was feeling super stressed about it yesterday, somehow it just seemed like there were so many things to do. I have a nasty habit of thinking of all the millions things that need to be done and never actually write them down. Naughty. So I think I just need to do some planning. I’m so excited for this wedding. (I’m also super excited to wear my gorgeous bridesmaid dress – how often do you hear that?) Guys, I just love weddings. I love celebrating love, and people, and good friends, and happiness. And the dancing of course. They don’t come around often enough (or rather, I have too many friends in Jhb getting married).

I have a good handful of things to do in the next two weeks. So I feel like the days are booked up! I mean, I made challah yesterday because I wouldn’t have time this week (I feel silly for not taking photos, I made sundried tomato & pesto flavour this week!). And I made some really special ones for Sheva Brachot. If you didnt know, Sheva Brachot translates to “7 blessings”, they’re said under the chuppah (canopy) at a Jewish wedding and at the Grace After Meals. In the week after the wedding, people host the bride & groom and their friends/family to continue the wedding celebrations. We had some really special sheva brachot for our wedding, so I’m really looking forward to spreading some love for my dear friends.

Oh, and on top of all this: it’s my birthday shortly after all this fun. I’m in the midst of planning a birthday party. It’s really difficult to plan when your friends are mostly still studying, you always have to fight for attention with exams and assignments. So I’m looking around the time of varsity vac, it’s a couple weeks after my birthday but I have some plans up my sleeve.

Anyway, so that’s what going on lately (or rather, what’s coming up!). I haven’t found so much time to blog recently (and when I have, it’s more cool design things than things from life), but I’ll try be a bit better. Just wait for the post on the wedding, and the pictures! (and this dress I’m in love with, duh).

Have a great and happy week everyone 🙂

Some classic Disney moments, had they gone awfully wrong.

If  I didn’t share this find with you, I’d be an incredibly selfish person. Imagine if these actually happened? The Lion King one is my particular favourite (I guess it also lends a chuckle considering all this Royal Baby drama that everyone is so enthralled in).

gifs + Disney + awkward moments = priceless.






Guys, laughing for days here.

(source: Mashable)

A Bachelorette at Rocky Horror. A great night out.

I remember the first time I saw Rocky Horror. I was about 14 and I was at my then-best-friend’s family’s farm in Stellenbosch for the weekend. I’m pretty sure it was around the same time that The O.C premiered, so the time frame seems right. We had gone to bed and switched on the TV, and well, Rocky Horror is what was on. We decided to watch it, not really knowing what it entailed, but loving watching something-we-probably-shouldn’t-have-been-watching in secret. The truth is, I don’t even know if I stayed awake to watch the whole thing.

So we were all naturally excited that Rocky Horror was coming to the stage in Cape Town and the bunch of us decided it would be the perfect place to celebrate my friend’s bachelorette. After pre-drinks and many male-genitalia oriented clothing accessories, we escorted the (already drunken) bride-to-be to the Fugard Theatre to watch the show. I mean being greeted into the cinema but the usher lady saying “I don’t want to see your ticket, but I’d love to see what’s under your shirt…” may have had me feeling somewhat uncomfortable, but at least we knew with our Partici…pation packs in tow, we were ready for a night of fun and obviously lots of laughter.

I love the theater. I loved the actors, the characters, the dancing, the singing and especially the special touches such as the awesome graphics. You really have to see it to understand what I’m talking about. I won’t lie about feeling particularly uncomfortable during a certain scene, but the rest was great. Except when you don’t realise what is going on at the end because you haven’t seen the full movie… but upon some Googling, I academically understood the show as a tribute the B-movie horror genre (sorry, film major geek right here).

It’s a fantastic production, so, well, if you haven’t booked your tickets yet – well, why haven’t you?

rockyhorror01 rockyhorror02 rockyhorror03 rockyhorror04 rockyhorror05

(image source)

Everyone gets a little sad sometimes.

Don’t worry, it’s not me who’s sad. You’ll see.

I wouldn’t quite say I’ve been busy recently, but I’m not quite sure where I have been to have somewhat neglected this little space. I guess my lunch breaks have been busy, as that’s usually when I find time to write. I don’t write much at home. I prefer to spend time watching Master Chef (our latest series addiction. We are self confessed reality TV junkies, and that’s ok)

Anyway, considering I don’t have much to update you on I’m going to showcase some artwork that literally made me go “awwww” out loud at my desk (OK, I’m sorry it’s more superhero themed stuff. But – the cuteness!) Does this not somehow break your little heart?

emo_batman emo_joker emo-green-lantern emo-hermione emo-hulk emo-ron emo-superman emo-wonderwoman


You never know how much something means to you until it’s gone.

I turned 21 not too many years ago. I happened to be running a school camp, possibly not the most ideal location for turning the big 2-1, but I was with all my friends and Greg, which was what counted. As a side-note, I also turned 21 wearing braces – true story. Anyway, I digress.

I got from Greg the most beautiful charm bracelet. I always had a thing for charm bracelets. I even had a charm styled watch until I lost it. He wrote me a beautiful letter to go with it, explaining why he had chosen each of the charms – a heart, a dolphin, a strawberry, a “chai” (it’s a Jewish symbol meaning “life”, I think) and an oval charm with our initials “LL & GG” engraved on one side, and my 21st birthday date on the other, with a heart cutout. I don’t actually have a picture of it, as it was before the time of smartphones, instagram and over-sharing our lives. But it was beautiful.

Now I’m not a girly-girl. I don’t wear or accessorize with jewellery. I’m the type who has certain (sometimes meaningful) pieces they just stay put, and I don’t take off. These include: the aforementioned bracelet, my engagement and wedding rings, and a necklace which has my name in Hebrew. Even the bracelet Greg bought me for our 1 year anniversary I don’t wear every day – I have the tendency to take it off while I work, and I’m just too scared of losing it.

We went out to friends on Friday night for dinner, it was great and so was the company, as usual. I was getting changed before going to bed – and my right wrist was bare. My bracelet was gone. My right wrist is never bare. My heart broke. Literally it felt like it was cracked in two, and I moped myself to sleep. Poor Greg had to deal with a very sad Lee-Ann.

I’m happy to say that this story has a happy ending. It turned out that the clasp had come undone at dinner. My friend found it on the floor under the table and gave it back to me at shul the next morning. I literally almost cried from happiness when she gave it back to me. The sigh of relief, the weight lifted off my shoulders. I was about to ask Greg whether he could replicate it for my birthday coming up. Goodness was this girl happy. We’re going to get the clasp fixed/replaced hopefully this week.

I’m not the most sentimental person. I don’t think I’d ever thought how I’d feel if I’d lost this little piece of metal. When people ask what you would run back in to salvage if your house were burning down, I always thought it would be my harddrive. I mean, aside for the series etc there are just so many pictures. Dating back to 2005. Pictures from holidays, from school, from my gap year, all our years of dating, our wedding… Greg’s harddrive crashed recently. He lost over 100G of magic DVDs (the guy’s a magician, this is a big, big deal). He was so heartbroken. When we realised it would cost about R8k to recover the data and buy a new one, we gave up. I don’t know if the giving up helped him get over it, or if he realised he could get a lot of it from friends.

Memories are the things you can’t replace. I guess if I lost my harddrive with all my photos, I’d be heartbroken too. I’m trying to make photobooks every year (our “2012” book is still 95% finished, as it’s been from about February), who knows, maybe that could replace the fear. Or maybe I should kick it old school, and back stuff onto DVDs.

So I know that in the grand scheme of things – this may have been only a bracelet. It really means a lot to me, and goes beyond the memories of the day. I mean, what is turning 21 anyway in South Africa. I am already legal to drink, as well as drive a car. It doesn’t mean anything but it was a really special present. If I had lost it, who knows, maybe I would have gotten over my sadness, and Greg probably would have replicated it as best as he could for y birthday next month.

But I’m so glad he doesn’t have to.