In good company. For the rest of forever.

Sometimes it’s baffling to think how when you get married, you’ll be spending the rest of your life with someone (well, that’s the plan anyway). At shul yesterday (the synagogue) it was announced that a couple were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Pretty amazing, because how many people actually get to reach that these days? Between divorce rates, people getting married much later in life and the reality of mortality it’s quite an achievement.

This isn’t meant to be overly deep, but I really realised yesterday that I’m going to be in good company for a very long time. Now keep in mind that we’ve just come back from an overseas trip. That meant absolute hours spent flying together, travelling on buses, and walking the streets together – not always a pleasent experience in Israeli heat. Situations you can easily get very frustrated with each other (and it happened a few times) You know, on top of general living together.

Anyway so yesterday was Shabbos, obviously (that’s our Jewish Sabbath). During these 25 hrs starting Friday evening we can’t use electricity, drive and a large number of other related things. It might seems restrictive, but it’s a great time to connect and just chill. It’s like having compulsory chill time.

We went to shul (synagogue) in the morning, and that ended at around 11. We hung around with friends, eating and chatting. We decided we didn’t feel like going to the shiur (sermon) and were home by 12:30. In winter you see, shabbos starts early and also comes out early, but getting home at that time meant we still had another 6 hrs to go… And no cellphones, Facebook, twitter or series to occupy us. We chatted for like an hour and then had a nap… Ok, it was 3 o’clock. 3.5 hrs left… I started wondering whether we should maybe get out that night after spending so much time at home in each others space…

But we had one of the best shabbos afternoons we’ve had in a long, long time. Often we meet up in the day with friends, but yesterday it was just us. We got up and played our new monopoly deal (which I sucked at, and eventually won a game) and then went for a 1.5 hr walk before coming home to read while we waited for shabbos to come out.

It wasn’t worlds most exciting day filled with fun outings and activities. In fact, it was relatively low-key and it was really just the two of us. But moments like that, among the mundane reality that is sometimes life, it feels good to know that the person you chose will really keep you company for the rest of you life.


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