Some Instagrams recently.

Sunday Picnics

Afternoon picnic!

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A couple weekends ago, Greg and I had a lazy Sunday afternoon picnic at the Urban/Greenpoint Park, one of our favourite places. We took a blanket (these were LL & GG blankets – our initials – which we gave to our retinues as gifts after our wedding) and played Rummikub which I bought Greg for his birthday. I wish we’d taken a picture on my phone, but we did take one on the Typo disposable I got for my birthday last year.

Next to my bed

The books currently next to my bed. #bedtimereading #bookworm

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These are the books that currently sit next to my bed. The Time Traveller’s wife is officially my #1 book. I’m struggling to get through Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. I’m currently switching between it and a book called Hush. I always feel like I’m cheating on a book when I read another at the same time.

Fancy nights at hotels

Hotel selfies

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A couple of Saturday nights ago Greg and I spent the night at Crystal Towers Hotel, one of the fancy African Pride Protea Hotels. Don’t worry, my parents had a free night and they’d been before. It was super fancy. And I took an hour long bath at midnight just because I could.

Go, go Power Rangers!

Go, go Power Rangers! #childhood #theninetiesrocked

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We found the Power Rangers on our harddrive after Greg’s brother used ours as a backup. We watched the first couple of episodes and I think it was the highlight of my week. Who didnt love the Power Rangers?!

Treat your body

I had an incredible time at The Body Shop’s Media Launch of their new Pulse Store.

Mazal tov Viv & Alon!

Mazal tov Aviva & Alon!

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THIS is the reason I went to Jhb this past weekend. To celebrate a very special friend’s wedding. The atomsphere was electric filled with the best vibe and dancing, and of course, filled to the brim with tons of love. What an incredible honour to be able to dance and celebrate with such a special couple. My calves are still paying for all that crazy dancing – but my gosh, it was completely worth it (even the 4am wake up the following day.)

Rainy days and rainbows

Ah, Cape Town, I've missed you.

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I was sad to miss the crazy hail in Cape Town, but I was much happier to be at a wedding. After the early wake-up, I was very pleased to be greeted by this rainbow on my way to work.

Wannabe Baking Goddess

Baking goodies from @the_greggelb 's fam in the UK. Thanks Yakira!

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Greg’s cousin in England is a terribly talented baker (she’s only 12!). Her parent’s were down for a few days and she sent me a package with some of the coolest (kosher) baking goodies. I mean, there are dinosaur shaped sprinkles. My life is made.


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