Among the Beauty Eds was a twitter winner.

I have very fond memories from when I was a little girl, say about 10 or even younger, spending hours and hours with my best friend who lived up the road reading magazines. All those imported ones like Mizz that cost about R5 (were probably terribly back-issued, but what did we know), the two of us gobbled, swapped and shared. It gave us a lot of exposure to shops and brands that just weren’t available in South Africa, and many of them (such as Top Shop) are beginning to emerge now, as I’m almost (but not quite) about to hit my mid-twenties. The Body Shop was one of those brands that felt ever so far away. We wanted to smell like strawberries too. I remember the excitement when they finally launched in South Africa – oh the excitement!

As a girl who spends possibly too much of her some time on Twitter, I naturally entered a competition where the winner can gain entry to their posh Media Launch event with a friend. A simple tweet? Eh, sure it’s worth a shot. And guess what – I won! (Don’t worry, I didn’t think I would either.) I was terribly excited about this, I mean, I read about all the events that the media go to, and now I was going to be privy to that too.

The Body Shop South Africa

We love The Body Shop. OK, my twitter @ and hashtag may have been lame, but I was the twitter winner after all. Awkward to see that I actually got their handle wrong here. Oops.

So last Wednesday night the Body Shop Cavendish (which was the first Body Shop store in the country back in 2001, can you even believe it was so long ago!) launched their first Pulse store. It just looks so much more fresh, more light, and ever so inviting. My friend and I walked around looking at and sampling practically all of their products  – which was a large part of the evening – to test, try, touch, and play with all their delicious goodies. All the ladies were ever so friendly, and I even got a special mention from the Regional Manager in his speech as they were very excited about the twitter interaction the competition received.

The Body Shop South Africa The Body Shop South Africa

It was so great to hear more about the behind the scenes of the brand, how they support Fair Trade, are against animal testing, and support other campaigns such as sex trafficking. It shows it’s really more than just a beauty brand. They even have a “community wall” which highlights some of the unique campaigns and initiatives they’re involved in. I really loved the concept, and it’s right by the till so you can see the good you are doing while you pay. One of the cool things they added to the store on a trial basis is a tablet set up for you to register for a Love Your Body Card (their loyalty program), which fits further in with their beliefs, as there’ll be no more paper wastage with registration forms.


Lovely face paintings

Lovely face paintings

So I had always envisioned the Body Shop as the bath, body and pampering type of products, and hadn’t really realised what a vast and extensive range of make-up products they have – even though I actually got my make-up done their for a friends wedding (the perks of having being a part of their loyalty program.) Listen, I’m no beauty gal (I only know how to use eyeliner and mascara) but that didn’t stop me from buying foundation (I know, right?) and a new liquid eyeliner (it doesn’t matter that I bought a new one a couple of weeks ago?). The make-up artists were so helpful in answering all (and there were a lot of them!) of mine and my friends beauty questions. I also bought a perfume I’d been eyeing out for weeks, I’d actually changed my mind and chosen something else, until the lady at the till persuaded me on my original choice. Sold, I tell you.

I really had so much fun, and it was great to be treated so well even though I was just a twitter pleb among the magazine beauty editors at the launch. Thank you so much for having us!

The Body Shop South Africa

Upon leaving, with our Body Shop buys – we were literally last to leave.



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