Have you ever really thought about flying?

I flew last night to Joburg, to celerate a friend’s wedding this weekend. I havent flown in over 2 years, so I was a little nerrvous (for no reason, of course). Its funny because when I was in High School I used to ome up to Joburg a couple times a year to visit friends, now – who does that?

Anyway, for some reason the concept of flying just really baffled me. A HUGE piece of metal, flying through the air. A couple hours later, you’re in a different city and if left for a while longer you can be in a completely different part of the world! I sound like someone whos never flown overseas, and I’m lucky enough that I have had my fair share of overseas flights, but last night these thoughts got the better of me.

You think your 20kg suitcase was heavy? Now multiply that by, well, we were row 18 last night, there were at least 10 more – so multiply that by 30? That alone is 600kg, maybe not so much. Add to that the combined weight of the passengers, and then still the mass of a freaking aeroplane. iI mean, I cant even imagine the weight of a car. Come on now science, go home, you’re drunk. Driving to jhb can take a day. But from Cape  Town you fly in just two hours. How fast is that plane going?? This makes me want to do High School science equations just to work it all out (its making me kinda miss science, I loved it even though I didnt do that well).

Well now, here I am. In jhb for the weekend, without my other half. It’s weird because usually he’s the one that leaves me home alone (on school trips, in January he took a group of matrics to Israel for two weeks!). I’m lying in my best friends bed while she’s at work, and have plans to see friends up until the wedding. I’m super excited about that 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!


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