Superheroes are just that – super.

I’m not sure what it is about the allure of super heroes. Their strength? Crime fighting? Super-powers? Good-doing? Awesome costumes? Perhaps it’s a bit of everything. I didn’t grow up loving superheros (OK, I really miss the Power Rangers, but I don’t know if those count), I wouldn’t even say that I love them now. But Greg really does, and occasionally I’ll watch a superhero movie with him. We’ve even had real discussions about superheroes – like, spiderman is far superior to batman. Batman is just a rich guy with a fancy car. Spiderman swings from buildings. I mean, come on. He’s totally my favourite.

I guess this is the type of thing that happens when you live with a boy.

So even though I don’t love and live for superheroes like a lot of people do, I usually find them graphically inspiring. They just look good. They really do. So I saw a bunch of art “pieces” (can you call these digital artworks “pieces”?) this morning and thought I’d give you the round up for some Tuesday smiles.

The “Like” Button reimagined: move over “dislike” button, I’d much rather have these gracing my facebook timeline.  Jaime Calderón, you legend, you.

super hero like button

Justice Families: I just love how Andry Rajoelina reimagined our favourite superheroes as moms and dads with their own little mini-sidekicks. It’s like the big fighters of crime and evil are also normal guys with responsibilities, little ones to look after and take to school. Ag, sweet man. I can’t decide between Bat-, Super- or Arrow- man as to which is my fav!

justice families super hero

SuperCats: Ok, so this one is a little more strange than cool. I don’t understand the internet (and people of twitter)’s obsession with cats, you can’t tell me that LOL Catz really is the source of all this nonsense. But I thought I’d share the work of Jenny Parks. Avengers – assemble!

super hero cats

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One comment on “Superheroes are just that – super.

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