Mother’s Day, Shavuot & other admin.

Thing have been pretty busy recently. I guess it’s hat we’ve been keeping busy and just hasn’t left me much time to post on here. That and I’ve had a bit of “writers block” if you will.

IT was Mother’s Day this past Sunday (as everyone already knows and has written about) and instead of missioning to go see each of our mom’s separately (everyone has their own schedules and things to do) we decided to have our families over for breakfast. It was really chilled, relaxed and informal. We bought yoghurt (too much), muesli (far too much of it!), croissants, fruit juice, there was fruit salad and teas and coffees – I even attempted to make scones! Well, I did (twice) and everyone said they were delicious (who knows, they could have been lying to make me feel better).

You know when a recipe says “makes 12” and only makes 5…? Well yes, that happened. Lucky Greg was at the shops so he could buy more baking powder. I didn’t really know how they’d go. How flat did you have to roll them? How round should they be? How much do they rise?? Too many questions. But everyone enjoyed, and we even have a lone one left in our freezer (along with 2 croissants). We actually have a lot leftover, just shows again our inability to cater successfully  No matter, we’ll learn, right?

Mothers Day brunch in our flat with homemade scones!

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The afternoon was spent doing some very important admin work. And by admin work, I mean that we went to Canal Walk. Because we needed shoes. Maybe not so admin, but terribly important. When the sole isn’t connected to the bottom anymore…? Yeah, no. Shem. after going into every store and saying “OK, I’ve looked, we’ll come back” I landed up at the very first store, bought a simple pair for the price I wanted. Bingo.

Sunday evening I spent making Challah – it was weird doing this on a Sunday and not a Thursday night for shabbat. It’s Shavuot tonight, where we celebrate receiving the Torah up on Sinai. It’s meant to be fun and joyous and all that. But I’m getting tired of taking off from work, and don’t get me started on September… it’s going to be – interesting. Anyway, my challot (plural of Challah) looked delicious. I made half whole wheat-half white flour. I can;t ever seem to make plain challah and this time I flavoured the individual strands – zaatar, paprika and plain. If anything, it makes them look super pretty. The other half of the batch were onion flavoured; savoury goodness. So if anything, I’m looking forward to eating these 🙂

Challah ready for yontiv! #Shavuot #Jewfood

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The next few weeks are also super busy. We kind of count our “weeks” by “weekends” and where we’re spending Shabbos, for the next 6 weeks we’re only home once! And then after that… we’re flying to Israel! It’s a short trip, only 10 days but I’m looking so forward! Aside from living in Israel, I’ve been on three different organised tours/programmes (2 weeks, 4 months, and a year) so I’ve done most of the tourist things. This trip is likely going to be filled with seeing my many, many friends living on that side of the world and eating kosher food. I’m a very happy girl knowing that Turkish Airways let’s me take 30kg 🙂

Chag Shavuot Sameach to all the Jews – let’s go get that Torah!


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