When your feelings after a movie confuse you.

Last night we took a night off to see a movie called Identity Thief. Reading the description it was about a man who’s identity is stolen by a woman across the country, who lavishly uses up his credit cards and he eventually goes out after her. I was expecting a cool, racy, thriller, but somehow missed the “comedy” label of this one.


Either way it was actually a good movie, if you’re out there to just relax and not think too hard. It was funny, drew emotion to the characters, a typical “hero’s journey narrative”. I’m not going to give away the ending, but it left me feeling a little unsettled and confused.

Let me say this – it was a happy ending. You know how a movie is meant to direct your emotions in a certain way, makes you feel things towards particular characters etc. It did that. And I thought this Identity Thief woman was a complete psycho for most of the movie, and I seriously couldn’t wait for him to get home, turn her in, and sort this whole mess out that she created.

Somehow, at the end of the movie, and how the end of the narrative goes – I felt sorry for the “psycho” lady (who no longer seemed so psycho). Shame, she had a bad childhood and upbringing. I actually landed up feeling sorry for her. And I was just very confused by the feelings Hollywood made me feel. When you watch this movie, and the crazy things this woman does, the amount of money she spends, how she just doesn’t care and how she speaks and treats people… it didn’t correlate how suddenly we like her.

I know it’s just a movie. I know it wasn’t real. But it was interesting to see how movies can guide your thoughts and feelings, even if it’s just towards their characters. I was just annoyed to see how my view of this woman, despite the things she’d done, had changed. I still like the ending! But somehow don’t like myself for liking it. Interesting, I know.

I’m sorry if this comes across as confusing. Has anyone else seen this movie, or understand what I’m talking about?


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