Pretending to be grown ups.

It was quite a busy weekend as we geared up for hosting Greg’s birthday party this Sunday. Neither of us usually have big parties, the last one he had was his 21st (ahem, 5 whole years ago!). We decided to be sophisticated and host a cheese and wine do at our flat, because we like wine, and we like cheese. So it seemed fitting an appropriate. A friend did pose the question: “If you’re hosting something fancy as a cheese & wine party for your 26th – what do you do the next year?”.

We set a budget like responsible adults, and overspent it like the children we clearly are. We’ve never catered for 40 people, let alone cheese and wine for 40 people. Also – where were we going to fit 40 people in our flat?! All worked out well and things looked really pretty (all those hours on Pinterest sure paid off). Cheeses were labeled with little handmade flags (if only we had a printer, they could have been much fancier a la pinterest), we brought out a fancy heart shaped cheese board and I even served flings in a vase. Oh yes I did.

It was really so much fun. Everyone fitted nicely. We actually had enough wine glasses (thanks to my parents who lent us 25 – why would someone need so many wine glasses?!). The table looked pretty. Everyone mingled nicely, and there wasn’t even too much to tidy up afterwards. We had a really great time, and times like these make you realise how great your friends and friendships are.





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