A Recipe Book Inspired by Modern Art? Get me one!

I had a love hate relationship with art at school. I took a subject called “Graphic Art” which included graphic design practical with art history as the theory component. I hated theory as my marks were never as high as I liked, and pracs gave me nightmares. Whenever I visit my old highschool, I have creepy visions while walking down that cold, white corridor at the very end of the school. The pracs were demanding, I never felt my ideas were good enough, and our teacher always used to push us to what he knew we were capable of. I cried many times. I threatened to drop Art for Business Studies every term from grade 10 until it was too late in matric.

By the time matric rolled around I finally got the hang of the theory and my marks went up. My teacher pushed me the right amount and my work was pretty decent. I really fell in love with the theory we were learning for our matric exams, the movements, the artworks and the artists. One of our essays was on Modern Art, and when I was in New York I had to go to MOMA (Museum of Modern Art). MY friends wanted to go to the Met instead, so I went with them. All I wanted was to see a real Jackson Pollock. All the paint, the layers, the size of those canvases. I wanted it to consume me. It was a very happy moment.

pollock pollock2

So when I saw this book which takes modern art pieces and inspires recipes from it – come now, it’s just too cool. Caitlin Freeman who compiled the books and created the recipes actually works at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and roams the museum for inspiration. I think that’s the greatest job. What a lady!Free_Modern Art Desserts-thumb-480x599-2291

modernartdesserts1 modernartdesserts3 modernartdesserts4( Source)


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