Life is Magical.

If you know much about me, you’ll know that I’m married to a magician. It’s not his day job, but he sure wishes it was! Greg’s been doing magic for like 10 years or so, having found a book in the school library and started practicing. He taught himself entirely and never went to the College of Magic.  Now he has DVDs like I have books, has hundreds of gigs of magic stuff on his harddrive, an overflowing drawer or magical devices (and a raccoon), and countless, and I mean countless decks of cards.

People assume that Greg shows me all his tricks, or that I know how they work. For the record: I don’t. He’s explained one or two, when I ask. Over the years, I’ve picked up how some things are done, but it never bothers me because I know I could never do it. He likes to practice his new stuff on me, which is always fun 🙂 Magic is really so cool. I’m slowly learning the names of magicians, conferences, competitions and even some technical terms 😉


I do hate when people always assume magic is for kids though. Kids magicians do the same tricks: the colouring book, the sweets appearing from the pot, that drooping flower…  You’ve seen them. Also, watching Greg do shows, I find the younger kids don’t react. They kind of stare blanky. Not too sure of what’s going on. Older kids, they’re worse. They’re so niggly and critical and don’t believe a thing they see. I guess that’s a good thing about kids, maybe? But not when watching a magic show. OK, maybe it’s just me that it grills (as an observer and a fan).

And even when you do work out how it’s done – it’s a skill. If you can see that he’s doing/done xyz, could you do it? Having been involved with Greg for so many years I’ve learnt there is so much more to magic that just performing a trick (Greg will kill me for referring to magic as “tricks”. His friend recently referred to good magic as miracles, which I kinda liked.) Can you  perform? Can you move your hands that quickly? Can you handle cards so smoothly? If you were serious and took the time and practiced you might be able to, but until then, does it really matter if you’ve seen something slip? After all, magicians are humans and also make mistakes sometimes. I love watching Greg do magic. I think his humour is wasted on kids. Adults appreciate magic a lot more than you think.


He doesn’t really do kids stuff anymore. He “creates miracles” (as his friend described it, and how I like to call it these days) with a deck of cards. Any deck. Even the one you found in the corner of your cupboard from your poker games. He’s also learnt awesome things with coins. He has the old R1 coins (which I’d never seen in my life), which are like twice the size of today R5. They’re pretty cool and pretty retro. He’s learning tricks using rings (like, wedding rings.) I may add that this resulted him in almost losing his ring while on an overseas trip (without me).

I actually get bored watching other magicians. I’m definitely biased, but I’m always sure that Greg can do it. Even when Greg shows me his favourite magicians, his stuff impresses me more (corny, mushy, but I guess it’s true). Most Jewish girls go and marry accountants, I guess I picked a magician instead. He’ll keep me entertained for like, ever.


6 comments on “Life is Magical.

  1. Kirsty says:

    I used to hang out with magicians in high school. My friend was learning to be one and we kind of got swept up in the world. Magicians are just incredible, the things they can do with a deck of cards is ridiculous. One friend did a spontaneous performance for me at my 21st, he was the most popular guy there! Kids magic is for amateurs. The really good guys can keep an adult entertained for hours.

    • Greg is going to love your comment. He taught himself and didn’t go through the college. I may be biased, but he’s pretty talented. I’ll get him to show you stuff one day 🙂

    • Greg Gelb says:

      I thought you never recognised me at your 21st 😛 I think the concept of magic links adults to an aspect of their childhood and the impossible – fairies and the like. It’s an excuse for adults to let go of life’s stressors and enjoy the moment…. I think I should blog about this….

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