For the Love of Reading.

Something awesome happened today. Keri, a lovely lady from the Midlands who blogs at midlandsmusings, wrote a blog post on her favourite books. She’s looking for some recommendations for when she goes on honeymoon soon, and tagged a few of us to join in and share our favourites. What I love the most about this – is that it’s sparked an entire morning talking about, reminiscing and recommending books to one another. I’m terrible at choosing books and always go by recommendations, so I particularly love this idea.

It’s really gotten me to think about my long history and love of books and reading. I was an avid reader as a kid and it somehow dwindled as High School workloads took it’s toll, and ultimately university. I remember reading every single Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl book in the school library. My best friend and I used to read, swop and share books, and she got me hooked on Mallory Towers. Anyone remember Jacqueline Wilson? I loved her too, it’s something boys just can’t understand.

I remember when my grandparents would come down from Israel, my Zaida would take me down to Cafda books in Sea Point and buy me anything I wanted (it’s where I got my Mallory Towers books from. I’m still sad about lending my cousin the 1st one and she never gave it back). He bought me Heidi, which I devoured, and subsequently went and read the entire series of books from the library. He even bought me a copy of Jane Eyre, because “its a good book to read”. I never read it, and have no idea where it is. I kind of wish I did. I’m also one of those who’s childhood was filled with Harry Potter. I was at my “peak” at grade 7 when I started Middle School. I covered my pencil case in pictures from the first movie (which had just come out those holidays) and everyone knew I’d read each book too many times to count. My bedroom is another story…

At a point in Middle School my Hebrew teacher was recommending me books (English ones, obviously). That’s when I got started on the crime/thriller/murder mystery books. I read every James Patterson book, and in later years Greg introduced me to Harlan Coben. He was life changing. The twists and turns in the plot that so beautifully come together at the end, it was incredible every time. I don’t read so many of these books anymore though, I got a little bored of them.

My attitude towards reading took a bit of a nosedive in High School, and even more so at university. I didn’t enjoy my setwork books (well, a lot of them anyway) and I found it very difficult at University reading classics and Shakespeare in an English I didn’t recognise. Aside for the fact that reading these books took up more time than I could afford. I eventually dropped English, and started reading more for pleasure.

I’ve been a lot better recently, and it helps that Greg and his family are big readers, always reading, lending and suggesting books. So I’m all on this “Top 10 Books” list. I’m going to have a sit in front of our bookshelf later and think back on the better books I’ve read in my life. I’m hoping to get a list up soon 🙂

Thank you Keri for letting me look back into my love of books.


3 comments on “For the Love of Reading.

  1. I love reading and wonder if I would be able to make a top ten list. There are books which always come to mind as favorites but will there only be ten? Or more? I look forward to your list

    • I wonder if I can make 10. I’ve read a lot of books, but some I just wouldn’t call “best books ever”. So I’m going to see how far I get, and go with that 🙂

  2. […] to admit that I’ve been struggling to put this list together. It’s made me ponder my love and history with books, and I’ve spent a lot of time trying to compile this. It hasn’t been difficult […]

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