Birthdays, presents, and cake – of course.

I woke up very excited about Greg’s birthday yesterday morning.  It must be known that I’ve been a very bad wife the past week, spending my Sunday shopping for gifts and every night in the kitchen doing some form of baking, and then came the gift wrapping and card writing. So I’ve been kinda MIA and was very excited to finally share all this birthday goodness with him. I had to call his name a good couple times to wake him. (Side note a) this is because he sleeps with earplugs. Sidepoint b) 99% of days he’s up before me, so waking him is an infrequent occurance). I started singing in my best “happy birthday” voice, promptly stopped because it sounded terrible and bombarded him with my little package of presents.


Birthday boy with his gifts. And AWESOME wrapping paper. Which I bought in January. (it is now April…)

I got him some really sweet gifts. A game of rummikub (rummy – the game. I always said how much I sucked, and he joked he’d buy it for my birthday, but I guess I got to him first :P), a set of cuff links (because I think guys look good in cuff links. I think Greg looks good, hence, he needed a set of cufflinks) and a little book of home made vouchers. Strangely, I think he liked that one the most – and it cost me nothing. Shows how you really don’t need to spend a lot of money to give someone a great gift they’ll appreciate.

birthday biscuits and birthday gift coupon

Birthday biscuits and some samples from the coupon book.

Later when I got home there was cake. And candles. And singing (ok, maybe I didn’t sing). I was pretty secretive about the cake – but he loved it! He always asked if he’d be allowed in the kitchen in case he should see what I’ve been preparing. I’m no Martha Stewart, or Cake Boss’ buddy (please, far from – that cake looked like a royal flop before it got iced!) He (not-so-)secretly is loving all the attentions from me, I can tell. But hey, the kid deserves it. It was a plain vanilla cake covered in a cream/caramel treat/peppermint crisp mixture, biscuit around it reading “Greg is 26”, complete with Happy Birthday candles. I was very proud of myself. And omg did it taste delicious (2 slices later!)


Birthday cake – surprise!

We went out for supper afterwards, after all the cake I had no idea how I was going to manage it!. But we did. We actually tried new things on the menu, and even managed to fit in dessert of deep fried ice-cream (deff not the healthiest, but it was a birthday treat. We’ll gym on Sunday :P). It was really such a great birthday, even though it was a work day so we didn’t actually even see each other for most of it. But what we did – was good. I was very satisfied, and felt as happy as if it were my own birthday.

Happy birthday my Groggery 🙂


2 comments on “Birthdays, presents, and cake – of course.

  1. Kirsty says:

    Happy birthday Greg!

  2. […] which we gave to our retinues as gifts after our wedding) and played Rummikub which I bought Greg for his birthday. I wish we’d taken a picture on my phone, but we did take one on the Typo disposable I got […]

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