Do you remember being a teenager?

I don’t watch much series these days. Life is much busier than when I was a student, and the urge to procrastinate from assignments isn’t there anymore. My time is taken up by menial daily chores like fitting in gym time, making dinner, doing dishes and hanging with my +1. There are very few shows we actually watch together, mostly it’s reality TV like Survivor and at one point there was even Hells Kitchen. I don’t expect him to watch the girly stuff.

There are only so many shows you can make a guy watch with you. Shows like Glee or Gossip Girl do not make the cut, and by the same logic, neither (really) is Sex and the City. I’m a huge fan. I love Charlotte. So when news broke of The Carrie Diaries, featuring Carrie in her teenage pre-New-York days, I needed to watch it. It’s not the best show I’ve ever watched, but it’s one of those light girly shows that keeps your brain full of air – and sometimes that necessary.

So I found this series of gifs on the Huffington post, and literally just pasted it all here because it was so great and true to the show. So have a read about “What it’s like to be a teen – as told by The Carrie Diaries”.

Falling in love (and breaking up) for the first time can be pretty dramatic in high school… to say the least. But here’s a tip: when you feel lost and confused, just ask yourself, “what would teenage Carrie Bradshaw do?” Seriously, this girl might be the smartest fictional ’80s teenager you’ve ever seen — and she definitely has the best hair.

Let’s face it, the best part of every school day is spotting your crush in the halls

You can’t help but feel excited

Hearing his voice makes you smile

And so does hearing those three magic words

Especially when the feeling is mutual

His smile makes you swoon

Even if other people in your life are jealous

You love every little thing about your crush

Because you’ve never felt this way before

But sometimes, love doesn’t always work out how you want it to

And there’s little you can do to fix it

Sometimes, love just ends

And it sucks

After endless hallway run-ins

And lots of soul searching

And over-thinking

You’ll wipe away the tears

And open your eyes to the realization

That it’s all a part of growing up

Even though being in love feels great

Nothing is more important than loving yourself first

And being comfortable with who you are

Is what makes life really great

Granted, I didn’t feel or experience many of these things in my teen years. But I guess a lot did.


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