It’s easy to forget to make “us” time when you live together.

Its funny, you see. On the one hand you think its so great being married, because you get to see your +1 every day, whenever you like! Thing is, its not as often as I’d like. I mean, we see each other, but it doesn’t mean much. Seeing, vs. talking or communicating are completely different activities. You can see a person but be too busy to connect or bond with them. You can be in each other’s company, but be on your own mission entirely. And while sometimes that’s ok and necessary, sometimes the opposite is true too. When you’re dating (and not living together, as was with us) you need to consciously make time in your schedule to see each other.

Recently we’ve been very busy. Over Pesach (8 days of it, remember) we spent most of our time at shul, eating meals at friends (big crowds don’t quite mean “alone time”). Or napping or reading (not entirely social activities). Gymming is also not quite the time to catch up. Thursday night we were in the kitchen till 11pm cooking for shabbos, Saturday night had a 21st, Sunday I spent the day doping for birthday presents, then baking until we ended off the evening or for dinner with my family.

So sometimes you need to schedule that time – and tonight I plan on playing scrabble. With some wine perhaps. We like board games, and we don’t play them often enough. So sometimes it’s one of the best games to just chill out and relax with. And sometimes, I guess you just need it.


(irony: I’m somewhat competitive when it comes to games, and I thoroughly dislike losing. So maybe “relaxed” isn’t the best way to put it 😉

Update: We had a really fun time playing last night. Even though I lost, so I landed up giving up… but it was great to just laugh and talk over silly things 🙂



I was nowhere near winning this one.


Greg won this by a long shot. 273 – 192. Sigh.



2 comments on “It’s easy to forget to make “us” time when you live together.

  1. morkazansky says:

    Really cool one!

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