A “stream of consciousness” life update.

It’s Friday morning, and a public holiday. I just woke up to the sounds of the TV from our incredibly deaf neighbours downstairs (a sound I definitely have not missed. I’m sitting at home, in pjs, in the lounge (in bed would have of course been preferable, but what can you do when you keep your laptop in the lounge). As a side note, I don’t remember when I last (or ever?) wrote up a blog post at home. Interesting.

We’re half way (almost) through Pesach on this side. I’ve written before about how I’ve never enjoyed Pesach: partly the seders (which includes going through the whole Haggadah, telling the story of the exodus – it gets kinda long), partly the ensuing hunger for 8 days straight as you struggle to find things to eat (as an example, we haven’t been able to find kosher for pesach cheese anywhere which sucks when it’s all you want on your matzah). I’m happy to report that for the first time ever, I had such enjoyable seders. My favourite was spent with a friend’s family, more friends, lots of Israeli’s and new faces. There was tons of singing and laughing, and the (further) realisation that some of the things us Jews do are a little cray (it’s much easier to realise when my friend invited her non-Jewish friend from university to join the Seder – apparently she loved it though!)

It’s the Easter weekend and there are plenty of my ex-Cape Tonian friends down. I had grand intentions to do a mass Kirstenbosch picnic, but the weather yesterday was funny and it said today would be too, so I never persued it. Naturally the weather this morning seems miserable and other admin-like plans have been made for the day. You know, gymming, shopping for essentials and the like.

There’s also Greg’s birthday coming up soon, so I need to organise/think up a good gift. The guy is 26. What do you give a guy?? I feel I’ve had this problem every year for the last four years, so I’m sure I’ll figure something out. We’ve been trying to think of what type of little party we could do… and then “little” becomes about 40 people that you are actually close to and cant not invite. Popular kid. I guess it’s the perks of being part of a bunch of little social circles.

I’m thinking I should end this off. It’s not the most interesting update, this whole “stream of consciousness” vibe isn’t usually how I write, but I kind of felt like it this morning. And who am I to deny myself the pleasure. To those travelling over the Easter weekend please drive safely (I’ve heard the roads are somewhat of a nightmare) and I hope you have a time that is filled with love, joy, and togetherness. To the yidden – moed tov, good shabbos and chag sameach 🙂


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