Jew-spotting and being “part of a clan”.

When you go somewhere regularly enough, you begin to notice those, well, “regulars”. The people who go to a particular location at the same or similar time to you. We go to gym every day after work and have begun to notice some regulars of our own: the girl who does her lunges across the gym floor, the girl doing insane moves with her trainer, that guy who tries to lift weights that are way too heavy for him (as can be seen my his grimaced face and subsequent “sex noises”). So I guess we “know” (read: recognise) some people.

It seems that some people recognise us too, especially at gym in our “Jewish” attire. I suppose you could spot as us Jews a mile away if you knew what to look for. I cover my hair with pretty headscarves, and Greg wears a yarmulka/yarmi/kippa. We wear these “head coverings” to gym, which has led to some recognition of us as Jews and gotten some comments before. Well, not quite comments, more like sparked conversation.

Greg once got asked his opinion by an old man on the Israeli elections (or something Israel related). I was once asked what it’s like to gym in a sheitel (these are human hair wigs, which I do not own, yet many women use to cover their hair. This woman obviously confused a sheitel with a scarf), we then played a game of Jewish Geography (as Jews do, because naturally you should know someone who knows someone that you know) and landed up that I go to the same Shul (Synangogue) as her sister.

Yesterday as we were about to get on the spinning machines for a bit of a cycle I hear a very excited “Shalom!” next to me. I assumed it was someone I knew and turned around to see who it was. I didn’t know this lady, but she was very excited to talk to us. She said she sees us every day at the gym together, and even said to her trainer the other day “See them? Those are part of my clan!” She asked where we daven (pray/the synagogue we go to) and told us fervently how much she loves the Rabbi at her shul. It was a lovely little conversation, we wished her a happy Pesach and carried on with our gym workout.

I guess it’s kinda nice to be “part of a clan”.


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