It seems as though winter is coming.

It’s only mid-March and the days are sporadically starting to feel like Winter. Cooler evenings, odd days of rain and lots more cloud coverage. I don’t have a huge problem with Winter, but I do prefer sunshine and doing things outdoors like walks on the promenade and picnics at Kirstenbosch.

But Winter has it’s perks. While I may spend most of my time in the office, there are some wintery activities I am looking forward too:

1. Winter Clothes


Coats, and boots (mental reminder to buy a new pair), and socks, and scarves, and stockings and general warmness. There’s nothing like feeling so cosy. I guess you could (kind of, but not quite) equate it to the feeling of the sun’s warmth on your skin (but not quite, of course). I don’t like to wear too many layers, as I don’t pull off the “chunky” look too well.

2. Soup


Butternut. Mushroom. Vegetable. Split Pea. Anything with barley… And lots, and lots, and lots of it. Yum.

3. Lazy days in bed/on the couch watching movies/series.


With a compulsory blankets of course. And popcorn. Or soup.

4. Winter pyjamas

Maybe this is just because I have a favourite pair that my friend gave me from Australia. The prettiest pair of Peter Alexander pjs with a New York theme (as we’d just come back from a trip there). Oh, this does of course extend to gowns as well – we got a Mr & Mrs set as an engagement gift. It was possibly one of the best ones.

While this is all I felt like doing all morning, Cape Town in it’s very typical style, has cleared the rains and the clouds have started to lift. The sky is still gray, and it looks a little windy from the view of my work window… so it looks like Winter is coming.


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