Nostalgia? Why not. Some Little Lulu love.

Anyone remember this little gal?

Little LuluFor some strange reason, I woke up this morning with the theme tune to this show in my head. I remember it vaguely as a tv show from my childhood, but wasn’t entirely sure if it was my brain making up words to a tune. So I googled (obviously). And it turns out, my brain wasn’t making it up at all.

Check out the theme tune that I’ve been singing in my head this morning:

It turns out that Little Lulu was a comic strip/book created waaaaay back in the 50’s and in the late 70’s appeared in half hour shorts. In 1995 The Little Lulu show was broadcast on HBO and lasted until 1999 – which makes sense, as these were my childhood years back in Cape Town. She was the first-ever animated stand-up comic, which is pretty awesome (even though I don’t remember that element. I don’t think I knew what stand-up comedy was when I was 7)

It’s funny, we didn’t watch too much TV as kids (getting MNet was a huge deal when it finally happened! This show may have been on K-TV) but this is quite a happy TV memory (as well as Yo-TV’s Disney cartoons in the mornings, we’d all discuss the mornings episodes when we got to school circa. grade 3)

Wikipedia also informed me that Lulu fans hold a gathering at Comic Con every year where they perform a play adapted from a classic Lulu story. Kinda cute. Kinda creepy.

Watch the pilot episode here, and some comic strip below 🙂

(I just watched the first 3 minutes, and I’m already laughing!)little_lulu03


I feel like I want to go find some of these old comics (hoarder alert!). Does anyone else out there have fond Little Lulu memories as a kid?


2 comments on “Nostalgia? Why not. Some Little Lulu love.

  1. John Mayer says:

    Little Lulu was one of the landmarks of comics (or sequential graphics, as they’re sometimes called). I remember the comics from childhood, but didn’t fully appreciate them till I got older. Considering that writer John Stanley had to churn them out by the dozen, some of them are remarkable pieces of story-telling; my favorites are the ones that start and one point and end up some point entirely unrelated, stream of consciousness like. Lulu was one of the first popular feminists, her friend Tubby one of the first anti-heroes (in the correct use of that term). The stories are being reprinted by Dark Horse; I highly recommend them. (BTW, I’m probably NOT the Little Lulu fan you picture; I’m a robust, grown man who is into combat sports.)

  2. James Finch says:

    I read these comics all the time when I was young. I used to buy them from a used book store in Riverside, Buffalo, NY for 5 cents, then trade ’em back for 2 cents in the mid-1960s. I should have kept them all, but now I have most of them in digital form or as graphic novel collections. Fond, fond memories. One of my all time favorite comic characters.

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