I love imagination, LEGO, and NYC.

It’s amazing how you begin to see things in a plain object once someone assigns “meaning” to it, and that’s exactly what happens with these little captioned Lego pieced. I stumbled across this “Abstract Sundays” post from 2009 in The New York Times and it had me smiling. I’m sure you’ll smile a bit too. (But that could just be my nostalgia for New York. Having gone on a short trip of only 1 week, we’re craving to go back after such a teaser).

13taxi 10sushi 09fries 07manhattan 06meterbaseball 03smoking 02empirestate 01paper17beer16stepping


Oh, and I also found this amazing little link on the Abstract Sundays blog. It’s an animated story of “The Potato King”. I really recommend it!



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