Cirque du Soleil (and how we almost didn’t see it)

We were so excited to see Cirque du Soleil’s Dralion last night, after having seen Saltimbanco a couple of years ago. Now while this post will give you a glimpse into the brilliance of this show, it will also go into the details of our almost heart stopping evening.

cirque du soleil Dralion Cape Town

Greg had secretly surprised me by buying these tickets months ago, but the surprise had to be revealed when he could tell that I was about to try surprise him with tickets. Anyway, we’d planned our week around this night, had dinner nice and early, took the long drive out to Grandwest, stood in those super long queues, happily skipped along inside to take our front row seats.

They tear off our ticket stub, they’re giving us a wrist band – “sir, this ticket was for last night.”

We stopped. Shocked. Greg’s poor little face dropped. He had tried so hard to surprise me, had spent a lot of money. He stared at the man, stared down at the ticket, and stared back at him. He looked as confused as if this man was telling him something very important in a foreign language. “Don’t worry, give me some time and wait for the show to start, and I’ll find you guys some seats.”

So we waited. We heard the music from the show beginning inside. It was pretty difficult to hear, but I couldn’t be angry with Greg. It was a mistake, and hey, mistakes happen.  And – it was Greg. About 20 min into the show, he came to find us. He’d told people that “the lady” had been crying (we’re not sure if he made it up as an excuse, or made an assumption because of my red, watery eyes from an eye infection) – but he managed to find us empty seats in the same price bracket. We may not have been in the 1st row, but the 4th was still pretty close. I don’t think I could be more thankful to this man, we went to try find him after the show, but he was nowhere to be found. I doubt this will find him on the interwebs, but, let it be known that his good deed made two little people very, very happy.
cirque du soleil dralion cape town

Once we got in – we were mesmerised (albeit still rather shaken from the previous 45 minutes of our lives). Cirque du Soleil always do a job of creating a different universe on the stage in front of you. The performances, sets, costumes and music all smushed together into a cultural explosion. There was always so much to look at, it was a visual feast to put it mildly.

cirque du soleil dralion cape towncirque du soliel dralion cape town

The acts were beautiful, hysterical, and the ambiance exactly what I expected from Cirque. My favourite acts had to be the trampolines, the hoops, the Dralions, and the skipping ropes. The trampolinists looked like they were walking on the walls (Spiderman style), guys jumping through hoops at a speed and synchronisation I would never have imagined, and that final skipping act?! Well, I have just no words. I actually think I described half the show to you. No, I lie.

cirque du soleil dralion cape towncirque du soleil dralion cape townNow, we see a lot of shows (in comparison to other people our age who go to concerts and music festivals), but I have never been so genuinely sad for one to end. It felt so short, and while we may have missed a few acts, we were still there for just under 2hrs! I would have thought there would have been a big finale act, but that final routine sure made up for it. It was such a pleasure to watch and left me in such a happy space when my head eventually hit the pillow for the night.

If you haven’t booked – do it!

cirque du soleil dralion cape town





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