I have a new favourite thing, and it’s better than ice cream.

If you know me, you would know that I consider ice-cream a food group. I love this creamy, delicious dessert (dessert: another food group). But what I love just as much, is ice-cream’s cousin – sorbet. There is nothing more delicious, light, and refreshing as this.

We had Friday night’s Shabbos dinner at us this past week, and if you know anything about Jews, shabbos, and food, you’d know to compare it almost to your avergae Christmas meal (except this happens on a weekly basis). With all the food I (over)catered (Jewish mother tendencies kicking in early, it seems) I needed a light dessert. The solution: sorbet!


(That’s my sorbet in the bottom right corner)

Which I then proceeded to make myself. It was the easiest thing I have ever made, and tasted beyond delicious!

  1. 4 apples (recipe called for green, we used yellow), peeled and quartered.
  2. 1 litre of apple juice
  3. 1/2 cup of icing sugar
  4. 1 cup of water

Boil it all up until the apple are soft (I added a couple drops of green food colouring), strain it, blend it with a hand blender when cool, put it in the fridge for 6hrs. Take it out and either blend it with the hand blender for a smooth sorbet consistency, or rake it with a fork for granita. Put it back in the freezer and take it out a half hour before serving.

It was heavenly. So heavenly, that come Sunday afternoon Greg and I sat eating it straight out the bowl. So naturally, sorbet is my new obsession. We made mango sorbet yesterday just because we had a mango lying around. Because we could.

Now I’m on the search for more recipes, or at least flavour ideas, considering summer fruit are on their way out… enter Pinterest, for more ideas of deliciousness!

(Click the images for their respective recipes)

Peach Mint

Lemon Basil Sorbet

Lemon Basil

Watermelon Mint sorbet recipe

Watermelon Mint

Passion Fruit Sorbet Recipe

Passion Fruit Sorbet


cranberry citrus sorbet

Cranberry Citrus

Kiwi Lime sorbet recipe

Kiwi Lime

strawberry champagne sorbet recipe

Strawberry champagne

Gee, well now I’m craving.

Let me know if you give any of these a go! Don’t be afraid of recipes calling for an ice cream machine (pfffft) your food hand blender does the trick!


3 comments on “I have a new favourite thing, and it’s better than ice cream.

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  2. […] I have a new favourite thing, and it’s better than ice cream. (leelipman.wordpress.com) […]

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