Being a Priest for the day.

The other day I was notified that my husband would be dressing up as a Priest for the evening. My religious, Orthodox, Jewish husband. A friend of ours, studying at AFDA, needed to shoot some photos for a project and Greg obliged. They were out all evening and I kept getting sent creepy photos of him and others covered in (fake) blood.

The storyline involves a Priest sick of people confessing their sins, only to continue sinning. He takes matters into his own hands…


“This Tale was inspired by this terms focus and learning about Serial Killers and the darker side to the human mind. This led me to question ‘who in our communities would least likely be suspected as a Serial Killer?’ This person is Lucius.”01 02 03 04
05 06…. but what NOW?!

Jordy did such a great job on this project. Follow this link to see how the story ends (and how great of an actor Greg is :P). No really, check it out, he gets a better mark if more people have viewed it. Also be sure to read the little commentary of the image title, it will explain the thoughts and feelings behind the photo.


2 comments on “Being a Priest for the day.

  1. Kirsty says:

    Woah, so creepy o.0!

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