A night with the Madame is always a pleasure.

For our first wedding anniversary this past Wednesday, I decided to book us tickets to go to Madame Zingara. We went back in 2010 when they were at Century City for Greg’s grandfather’s 80th birthday and had such an incredible time we couldn’t wait to go again! The massive MZ outside only increased my excitement every time we went to the Waterfront.

We arrived to the lovely Theater of Dreams and had to soak up the atmosphere that is so beautifully created. Giant pink lollipops, a fortune reader’s hut with beautiful hanging teacups, the trademark lit up heart and the crazy characters all dressed up. When we signed in and were told our table number, I was a bit worried as with such a high number, I thought it would be on the outskirts. We payed the highest price because it was the only seating area available for the date and the difference was only R100 p/p.


A punky little Floor Fairy (as they call they waitressing staff) happily took us to our seats: right in front of the stage. I actually think we had the best seats in the entire tent. Right in front, and stage facing (while the stage is round, and you could probably see well from any angle, most of the acts faced our way for most of the show). “You guys are going to be getting wet tonight”, the floor fairy told us. I suppose that goes with sitting in the front.

The acts, of course, were incredible. I love acrobatic/gymnastic acts and there were plenty of those! I’m not going to give too much away but the physical strength of these people blew my mind. We were sitting so close we could literally see their muscles moving and each deep breath they needed to take. So many times I was scared they would hurt themselves, but these guys are experts and just so incredibly talented.


I can’t comment on the food, as we ordered kosher, but it was so fantastic that an establishment such as this offers to make provisions for dietry requirements for minority communities. Little things like this mean a whole lot to us, there’s nothing like not being able to attend an event/show because you can’t eat the food. Our Floor Fairy Ashley was ever so sweet in handling us and our kosher food, bringing us all our triple-foil-wrapped meals and our handful of cutlery for the course of the night. She said we shouldn’t let anyone take them from us, as it’s all we’ve got for the night, we joked about becoming possessive over them. I think Greg took this literally when he suggested I put them in my handbag when we went out between courses to take photo’s… (“you’d rather be safe than sorry, Lee-Ann.”)

We know the menu at places like this are very fancy, dining experiences we’ve unfortunately never been able to have. We knew the restaurant (and owner) where our food would be coming from and have been there often for meals. We’d never experienced a 4-course meal. We had a salad, napolitana pasta, our steak with sides and a pavlova and brownies for dessert which we shared – I have no idea how we fit it all in our tummies! We were so impressed with the food, and so impressed with the quantity. Yes, we paid extra for kosher, but our portion sizes were far larger than what anyone else received that night.


After they mentioned everyone who was celebrating (something, which was practically everyone: birthdays, 80ths, 50ths, anniversaries) a man from another table came to congratulate us. He told us he and his wife had just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, which was so special. It’s a milestone so many don’t reach these days, and his kindness put a smile on my face.

It was an incredible night. The acts, the hosts, the floor fairies, the food, the decor – were all fantastic and (I would say) completely world class. The Theater of Dreams are in Cape Town til June, so I really recommend booking. Tickets vary between R375-R475 and it’s really worth every cent (even the extra for kosher!). Call the box office to book your tickets on 0861 623 263. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend our first anniversary.


Oh, and as a side-note: we hardly got wet in the second act 😉


5 comments on “A night with the Madame is always a pleasure.

  1. Kirsty says:

    I’ve never been before, I really need to make the effort!

    • Oh Kirst you must! It’s quite pricey, but you pay a deposit first and the balance on the night so it splits it up a bit. They book out quickly-ish, so gather some peeps and do it! 🙂

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