Vintage Social Networking Posters

Remember vintage ads such as these? (OK, maybe not literally remember these ads, but ads such as these)

vintage_ad01 vintage_ads2


It’s all this old school advertising, sometimes for things that today we’d never even heard of. Yet it’s interesting to see the brands/products that have stood the test of time (like that colgate one or vintage Coke ads). So when I saw these vintage style posters for today’s Social Networks, I couldn’t help but share them with you.

vintage-youtube vintage-twitter vintage-skype vintage-facebook


I love the use of vintage imagery in these (is that what a computer would have looked like in the 50’s? As far as I know the first computer was the size of a whole room!), especially the logos. Did you see that chicken as the twitter icon?!

I remember the days before facebook (it only came about when I was in my final year of high school). I only signed up for twitter like 2 years ago. Can you imagine not  finding any video clip on youtube? Last night as an example, Greg and I couldn’t download the final episode of the Survior season we were watching (where they announce the winner!) so we just found it on youtube. Do you ever think or wonder which of these Social Networks will stand the test of time? Or will there undoubtedly, one day, be something bigger and better that comes along? Who knows.



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