Birthdays, “Valentine’s”, and other fun happenings.

Life has been so busy recently. The last couple days of work have been the craziest I’ve ever had – and I’m somewhat thankful for them. It really shows how much you can really push through when you need to, and our team has been doing some amazing things. I’ve just stolen a couple minutes to write the last few exciting things that have been going on.

It was my friend’s birthday last week. She’s one of those really fantastic people, who never asks much of anyone but will do anything in the entire world for you. She never ever does anything for her birthday, so I thought I’d arrange a little surprise party for her. I made a private facebook event (I’d never made of those before, and freaked out every time I found anything about it on my newsfeed – in case she saw.) and invited a small selection of people. We had a bit of trouble trying to lure her to the venue unbeknownst to her, but we succeeded in the end.

We made a banner, everyone brought a little bit of dessert (I even made cupcakes, and I’m pretty sure you know how my baking skills are…) and it was really just the sweetest little party. She had no idea. There are some people who are so valuable in your life, that they just deserve to be shown how much they are loved and appreciated.


Then there was Valentine’s Day yesterday. In a weird twist of fate, it also worked out to be the Hebrew date of our first wedding anniversary. Judaism is cool like that, so we’ll be having double celebrations, of course. As I’ve written before, we don’t really do Valentine’s day, but I had secretly booked tickets for us to see Dirty Dancing. It was really difficult keeping it a surprise. When I said to Greg that I had something small planned, he freaked out a little – and instantly went to go buy me some gifts. What does he present me with on Thursday morning?

“Lee-Ann, I know how much you hate Pesach (Passover. If you read more about, or know anything about this Jewish holiday, and how little we can actually eat, you might understand this), but I know how excited you get because that’s when the kosher jelly is brought in…”

Lo and behold, the boy presents me with a jelly mould. I could not have been happier, or laughed any harder at his thoughtfulness.

I much prefer my jelly mould to this gushiness from the party store downstairs.

I much prefer my jelly mould to this gushiness from the party store downstairs.

Come Thursday night, with the State of the Nation Address… after hitting 2 blocked roads I eventually had to ask a policeman how to get to the Artscape, thus blowing the cover of my surprise. But it was alright, we got there in time and had such a great night. We really love going to see plays, especially the big yearly Artscape productions – I guess we’re nerdy like that. We’d only actually watched the movie a week before (cringe. I know. Please stop your judging.) and loved how the play matched up to the film. The dancing, the music, the usage of the stage, the acting, the classic story – all so lovely. Though the lead was nothing in comparison to Mr Swayze himself. I half wished I’d bought of those “No-one puts Baby in a corner!” or “I carried a watermelon!?” tshirts (I have a thing for buying tshirts from the plays I see, even though I’ve only done it twice…). If theatre is your hing, I totally recommend it!

I told Greg to dress "nicely-ish", so he decided to wear his new hat. He took it off in the end ;)

I told Greg to dress “nicely-ish”, so he decided to wear his new hat. He took it off in the end 😉

Coming up. we still have Madame Zingara and Cirque du soleil booked, and are trying to decide on seeing A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a Ventriloquist show, or Tap Dogs. So many options!

It’s been a busy and eventful last couple of weeks, and I’m hoping to chill a bit this weekend and get further stuck into this amazing book I’m currently reading 🙂 Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


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