Can you solve these 55 Lego riddles?

How many of you played with Lego as a kid? I know I did. When we lived in Israel and would be at my aunt and uncle, they had Lego from when their kids were young and it kept my brother and I entertained for hours and hours. My favourite was this Lego horse they had. I remember making the tiniest little Lego houses with a yellow door, red walls and a blue roof. When I was about 7 my dad bought me this pink girly paradise Lego set.

I love stumbling upon Lego related things online: stop frame videos, music video, famous movie scenes, (I even found a Lego version of the Bible); I’m not quite sure why, but I guess it makes me somewhat nostalgic. A friend just shared a link with me, which she rightfully assumed I’d love: a combination of Lego and awesome  graphic design.

To commemorate the 55th year of the Lego Brick, Lego has come up with 55 graphic riddles each where Lego bricks represent characters, books, movies, bands and icons from the past 55 years. Some of them are easier to guess than others, and I’ve only really browsed them, but I’m determined to have a good look and figure the rest of them out.

Here is a selection of some of my favourite (You may notice most of them are movies/children’s stories – tells a lot about me, no?) How many of them can you get?

55-years-of-the-brick-lego-2 55-years-of-the-brick-lego-3 55-years-of-the-brick-lego-6 55-years-of-the-brick-lego-42 55-years-of-the-brick-lego-43 55-years-of-the-brick-lego-51 55-years-of-the-brick-lego-5455-years-of-the-brick-lego-4 55-years-of-the-brick-lego-15 55-years-of-the-brick-lego-50


PS: Thanks Kim!


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