Waking up to the Zombie apocalypse.

Waking up just after 6am, to shouting and noise coming from the streets. We’re used to noisy neighbours, but this wasn’t them. Clearly. Looking outside, and what do we see? Zombies. Oh right, it’s SAX Appeal day(!) we remembered. (A Zombie Apocalypse would have been cool though.)

For those who are unaware, SAX Appeal is an annual UCT run magazine who’s proceeds go to RAG’s (Remember and Give) primary beneficiary, SHAWCO. SHAWCO stands for Students’ Health and Welfare Centres Organisation and it’s a student run NGO seeking to improve quality of life and support the health and education of man of Cape Town’s marginalised communities.


I remember SAX Appeal day when I was in school, and being accosted at robots all the way from Milnerton to Town. We had pre-ordered 10 copies to be delivered to work, for those who missed the first years at the robot. The theme this year was Zombies, so First Years were up at godly hours of the morning to dress up in their finest zombie attire.

I was so determined to buy one, that, having no cash on me and having forgotten to draw money yesterday, I took some money out of the cash we received from our wedding. Talk about dedication!I suppose I feel a sort of camaraderie being a past UCT student… It makes me feel a bit nostalgic for my days as a student (I’m not sure why when I think of all-nighters, crazy assignments, exams, the foreign films I had to watch, and the endless hours I spent in a frozen dungeon coding websites.)

Sadly I only had a R50 note, which didn’t help me when I needed change and the robots were green. I missed the only girl of the morning because the robot was green. I was quite sad, and surprised there were no students along beach road. I was also quite disappointed when I saw students not dressed up, I was just all like “for shame, man. What a waste.”

UCT Sax Appeal

I can’t (and don’t) take credit for this picture. I found it on twitter.

Anyway, a couple robots away from work, I finally saw a guy – the robot was red – I could get change – it was perfect! Alas, the robot turned green before he could find me any change. I was so sad! Luckily at the next robot (which was red – yay!) I called over the nearest girl… lo and behold, she’s someone I know and recently spent quite a bit of time with her family. She didn’t have the right change, but I took what she had, and left them with the rest. The money goes to a good cause anyway, and I’m looking forward to reading it 🙂


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