Some grown up things I think I could use

Sometime’s I wonder if being married actually makes you a grown up. In this case, it’s more the fact of living alone (ie not with mommy and daddy anymore), which was something new to us when we first got married. This list is currently short, yet I’m sure will grow one day when we have our own flat, when the list will include things like fridge, couch, bed… (we’re currently in a furnished flat. We realised yesterday we do not own a single piece of furniture. Sigh).

1. A Printer.

I thought I wouldn’t need one of these, being out of university, and no longer having to deal with assignments. Greg worked at a school last year, so could do any printing he needed there. It’s not a necessity to have, but sometimes you want to print a letter or a birthday card, or maybe a pretty craft for something. Maybe even print photo’s for scrapbooking (or not… ink is rather expensive). It’s amazing how you miss the little things when you just don’t have them at your leisure.

2. A deep freeze.

I know, how domestic, right? Currently I just found ourselves struggling with the teeny-tiny freezer of our fridge. We like to shop about once a week, but sometimes when it comes to buying kosher meat – you need to grab it when you see it, which you can’t really do with limited space. We also like ice cream, and ice bites, and sometimes when I bake I wish I could freeze some of it instead of having to eat it all… hence, we don’t any of those, they take up too much space we’d otherwise need for food. Oh, have I neglected to mention the amount of frozen soup we like to keep in the freezer…? Yes, deep freeze please.

3. A TV.

OK, I’m not spoilt. A TV has always been the last thing on our list of priorities, and we’ve lived almost a year without one. In all honesty, I don’t really want a TV to watch what’s on TV, but rather to just plug in a harddrive and watch our series/movies on instead of our laptops. I’ve never had  TV in my room, so it’s not like I need it to fall asleep to. I’m also glad we don’t sit and vegetate in front of the TV just watching “whatever’s on”, we prefer to choose a show/movie and watch a bit here and there. The little laptop screen is getting too much though. Not to mention the cables from 2 laptops and 2 external harddrives…


I suppose that’s the end of my list. They’re not terribly important or very big things. They’re the things that don’t quite top your list, you wouldn’t think of buying, or don’t realise you need. We’ll definitely get some of them this year 🙂 Anyone got some grown up things you never thought/realised you’d need to buy?



One comment on “Some grown up things I think I could use

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