Creative Cassette Tape Art (Anyone remember those?)

I have a thing for cool things. (I also clearly have a good thing with words. Well, sometimes.) I like when people make cool art out of completely unconventional things, and do a damn good job of it. The subject of these pieces: cassette tapes. Anyone remember those?

I vaguely remember them. I was chirped at work once for not knowing the relationship between a cassette and a pencil, and I was kind of ashamed because I’m really not that young. But I attribute that to my early childhood living in Israel, where my family had obviously left such “luxuries” behind as we started out our lives in a foreign country. Anyway, I digress.

Years ago I posted some other really cool art made out of the actual insides of a cassette tape (I don’t know what those are/were called. Anyone?). These are designed by Benoit Jammes, a French Graphic designer who made great use of his old cassette collection. He describes them as entirely handmade, with a bit of work and a lot of nostalgia… I could not play them any more so resurrecting them sounded like a good idea.

Wiser words, I haven’t heard spoken.

cassette-tape-art-benoit-jammes-10 cassette-tape-art-benoit-jammes-9 cassette-tape-art-benoit-jammes-4 cassette-tape-art-benoit-jammes-3 cassette-tape-art-benoit-jammes-1

And just for the record (no pun intended. at all. no really.):

44744_433716380033278_288106065_n (1)


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