Superhero’s in Noir

One of my majors at university was Film Studies, which involved many hours watching many different movies of all genres, lengths and languages. Somewhere along the line I encountered the Film Noir genre. While I don’t recall writing any essays on it, the section being examined and I know I didn’t take a seminar on it, the genre and time period were often referenced. So I don’t know much about it, but I recognise it when I see it.

I came across these movie posters for superhero movies designed by Marko Manev in a Film Noir style, and I thought they were pretty cool. I just love the dark, edgy minimal look of these. Hope you like them too.

0018 0027 0037 0057 0076 0084


We Made It: Our First Wedding Anniversary <3

engagement ringToday is our first wedding anniversary. One year ago today, I spent the morning running around with my friends getting hair and making up done, posing for some lovely photos, standing under the chuppah with my greatest friend, and dancing the night away at the biggest party with the biggest vibe I have ever attended.

I can’t believe how the time has flown.

02lee-ann -6404

You know that feeling you get on New Year’s Eve? “I can’t believe a whole year has gone by. So fast. Again!” and then you start to wonder what you’ve achieved in the past year? That’s kind of what it feels like on  our first wedding anniversary. A whole year has gone by, I can’t even begin to believe it! Except there is so much we have done, learned, experienced and achieved.

03lee-ann -7806

It partly feels as if it were yesterday; we all remember it so clearly. Yet at the same time it feels like it’s been this way forever. Living together, doing mundane things like groceries, cooking dinner and paying rent. Maybe the fact that we’ve settled (hey, it took time) shows how good things really are. We’re lucky to eat three real meals a day (or more! And not just the toasted cheese many assumed we’d live off), have a flat to call our (kind of) own, and each have good jobs. Among many other things we are very lucky to have.



What I love more and more about relationships is that you just never stop learning about each other (which makes sense if you think how much people grow and learn about themselves as each day goes by). This year we have gone through some of the toughest times. There were fights, there were arguments, and plenty stresses;  but they were all learning curves and we’re so lucky that things that could have drawn us apart, has only brought us closer together. That in retrospect it seems like a great accomplishment in and of itself.

09lee-ann -33210
An element of it really is being married to your best friend, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. When you wake up together, want to share the latest/greatest/most important news with one another (which to others may or may not be great or important at all), be the first to tell them a secret, tell them your deepest darkest fears (or slightest concerns). They’re the person who’ll love you forever no-matter how silly you dress, fat or wrinkly you might get (one day), they won’t judge the rubbish tv you watch or music you listen too, whether you talk in your sleep, forget to wash your plate or fart in the middle of the night. They’re the single most important person to you, you make each other better people, and you always strive to make each other happy.


I woke up feeling oddly emotional today, which was really strange for me because I didn’t even shed a tear at the wedding. I was too happy and too excited for what was still to come. Greg joked and said it was my emotions catching up with me, but I think the difference is that then I was excited for what was to come without really knowing what that was (you prepare yourself, and think you know, but no-one can really prepare you for something like this. It’s really one big learning curve). Now, a year later, I know a little bit more about what marriage really is than I did on my wedding day. It may only have been a year, which seems a blip on the radar of what’s still to come, but I’m looking forward to the years ahead  filled with smile, happy memories, good times and learning we have lying ahead of us.

I just love me some Oscar (not of the Pistorius type) gifs

There was this time in my life where I was determined to persue a career in the film industry, where I would wake up in the early hour of the morning to watch the Oscars. I’m well past that phase now, and I couldn’t be bothered to wake up at 2am (or not sleep at all) just to watch the awards when I can catch the results online.

Jennifer Lawrence won best actress for the Silver Linings Playbook. I only know of Jen from The Hunger Games. I haven’t seen Silver Linings Playbook and I hardly know what its about, who her character is, or what she does. But this chick won (may I mention that she’s roughly my age? Hows that for perspective on your life!). Kudos to her.

I’ve seen plenty gifs of her from Oscar night (including her trip when collecting the award, and subsequent laugh at herself before beginning her acceptance speech) and I just feel they show so much about her personal character and how young, chilled and unpretentious she seems. Oh, and that beautiful dress, of course!


Jennifer-Lawrence-Oscars-GIF-Trip Jennifer-Lawrence-OScars-GIF-11 Jennifer-Lawrence-Jack-Nicholson-Oscars-GIFJennifer-Lawrence-Oscars-GIF-10  Jennifer-Lawrence-F-Word-Oscars-GIF
Jennifer-Lawrence-Oscars-GIF-4 Jennifer-Lawrence-Oscars Jennifer-Lawrence-Middle-Finger-Oscars

Loving this gal!

Vintage Social Networking Posters

Remember vintage ads such as these? (OK, maybe not literally remember these ads, but ads such as these)

vintage_ad01 vintage_ads2


It’s all this old school advertising, sometimes for things that today we’d never even heard of. Yet it’s interesting to see the brands/products that have stood the test of time (like that colgate one or vintage Coke ads). So when I saw these vintage style posters for today’s Social Networks, I couldn’t help but share them with you.

vintage-youtube vintage-twitter vintage-skype vintage-facebook


I love the use of vintage imagery in these (is that what a computer would have looked like in the 50’s? As far as I know the first computer was the size of a whole room!), especially the logos. Did you see that chicken as the twitter icon?!

I remember the days before facebook (it only came about when I was in my final year of high school). I only signed up for twitter like 2 years ago. Can you imagine not  finding any video clip on youtube? Last night as an example, Greg and I couldn’t download the final episode of the Survior season we were watching (where they announce the winner!) so we just found it on youtube. Do you ever think or wonder which of these Social Networks will stand the test of time? Or will there undoubtedly, one day, be something bigger and better that comes along? Who knows.


What are these tasty triangular treats of goodness?

If you know me at all, you are probably aware that I have severe problems when it comes to baking, but this Sunday is a little Jewish festival called Purim and I couldn’t stop myself from attempting to make these triangular, goodness filled little hamentaschen (Ha-min-tash-en).

The story of Purim takes place way back in Persian times (I think) where a bad man (Haman) wanted to kill the Jews (seems like a lot of stories have this central theme). To cut a long story short, the good guys (Mordechai and Queen Ester) prevented this from happening, resulting in Haman getting killed. And the Jews, naturally, rejoiced (by eating and drinking). The real meaning is about seeing the hidden miracles of how God saved us from being killed (I think). It’s a really fun holiday where we eat, drink and dress up (kind of like Jewish Halloween). Here’s a video describing the Purim Story in song, by a group called the Maccabeats:

These cookies (I say cookies because mine were not quite bread, not quite biscuit-like) and folded to look like triangles and can be filled with almost anything you like! I’d never made them before, and was relatively nervous. I wanted a tried and tested recipe, so my American/Israeli friend got her mom to send us hers. I haven’t met her mom, but I have only heard about her incredible baking skills (I even got to taste some of her cookies when my friend came back from a visit home).

The recipe is as follows:

  1. 1 cup of flour
  2. 4 cups of flour
  3. 3 tsp baking powder
  4. 1 cup butter or margerine, softened (I kinda melted it a bit)
  5. 2 large eggs
  6. 1/4 cup of orange juice
  7. 1 tsp vanilla essence
  8. whatever fillings you want!

This is what you do:

  1. Mix sugar, flour, baking powder and salt together and then work into the butter/marge until it crumbs. Beat eggs, orange juice and vanilla in a separate bowl, and then add it to the flour mixture.
  2. Mix well until it forms a dough and then put in the fridge to chill for a couple hours (the dough gets soft again very quickly, so I kept putting the dough I wasn’t working with back in the fridge).
  3. Roll out the dough and cut into circles, the bigger the circle, the bigger the hamentaschen of course.
  4. Put a dollop of filling in the centre and fold in the 3 sides to form triangles.
  5. Bake at 200 degrees for 12 minutes.

hamentaschen3 copy hamentaschen4


Cutting and filling. My hamentaschen were filled with a mix of chocolate, white chocolate & cranberries, poppy seed (Greg’s favourite), peanut butter & chocolate 🙂

I actually had a really good time making these, and had Greg helping me in the kitchen until very late at night (apron, and all!). They came out delicious (I think. I gave to my team and they thought they were yummy too), even though a lot of them split. A tip I read online – fold, don’t pinch the corner, I did that and some still split. Oh well. The chocolate chips also didn’t melt, so I was told next time to use chocolate spread. I’ll just have to give it a go next year 🙂

It’s like some odds and ends. But life is like that sometimes.

I don’t have much to say today, but I haven’t posted in a few days and I thought I’d post a little something just to prove that I’m still around here.

Nothing interesting has happened lately. The weekend was relaxing, yet busy (is that even possible?). We went to Makro (for the first time) to buy Greg some stationery and storage devices (married to a student and all) and then headed to Bayside to hang out (considering we were on that side. We saw Wreck It Ralph, which I thought wasn’t a very strong movie despite the hype about it. But Greg liked it, which I suppose is good.

Wreck It Ralph Poster8

Work has been the same, ploughing through it all. Which is good I suppose. I kind of can’t believe it’s Wednesday. It seems already to be so far from the past weekend, and so far from the coming one. Wednesdays sometimes feel like an icky limbo. There’s all this Oscar Pistorius stuff going on – we were following it quite closely on twitter yesterday, but I really just don’t have the energy for it today. It’s all just one crazy mix up of a story. So crazy, it seems like something that would make a really good crime/murder/mystery movie.

It’s also Purim this weekend (another Jewish holiday) but this one’s actually fun and involves dressing up. Kind of like Jewish Halloween. I’ve been caught horribly unaware this year, with no costume for Greg and myself (there’s only so many times we can go as a Pirate…). The sad thing is that last year we also had no costumes as we’d just gotten married and it obviously took a back seat. In the spirit of Purim, I’m attempting to bake hamentaschen tonight. They’re these little triangular shaped cookies with yummy fillings. We know of my shoddy baking skills, so we’ll really just have to see how this works out.


Considering we haven’t been busy this past week, we’ve started watching some series again. We’re huge Survivor fans and started watching season 19 (Samoa, it was the only recent season we hadn’t watched) a while back but just never got into it and started watching again the other night. In the mean time, Greg is downloading season 25 (I know, can you believe it…?! I remember watching the first season in grade 5 – that’s before my brother was born, and he’s now in grade 6!) which we’re pretty excited to watch.

survivor samoa

It’s funny to not have much to write about. It feels like the last month was so crazy busy. Let’s hope I’m successful with this Hamentaschen attempt so I can share more about this treat with you 🙂

Birthdays, “Valentine’s”, and other fun happenings.

Life has been so busy recently. The last couple days of work have been the craziest I’ve ever had – and I’m somewhat thankful for them. It really shows how much you can really push through when you need to, and our team has been doing some amazing things. I’ve just stolen a couple minutes to write the last few exciting things that have been going on.

It was my friend’s birthday last week. She’s one of those really fantastic people, who never asks much of anyone but will do anything in the entire world for you. She never ever does anything for her birthday, so I thought I’d arrange a little surprise party for her. I made a private facebook event (I’d never made of those before, and freaked out every time I found anything about it on my newsfeed – in case she saw.) and invited a small selection of people. We had a bit of trouble trying to lure her to the venue unbeknownst to her, but we succeeded in the end.

We made a banner, everyone brought a little bit of dessert (I even made cupcakes, and I’m pretty sure you know how my baking skills are…) and it was really just the sweetest little party. She had no idea. There are some people who are so valuable in your life, that they just deserve to be shown how much they are loved and appreciated.


Then there was Valentine’s Day yesterday. In a weird twist of fate, it also worked out to be the Hebrew date of our first wedding anniversary. Judaism is cool like that, so we’ll be having double celebrations, of course. As I’ve written before, we don’t really do Valentine’s day, but I had secretly booked tickets for us to see Dirty Dancing. It was really difficult keeping it a surprise. When I said to Greg that I had something small planned, he freaked out a little – and instantly went to go buy me some gifts. What does he present me with on Thursday morning?

“Lee-Ann, I know how much you hate Pesach (Passover. If you read more about, or know anything about this Jewish holiday, and how little we can actually eat, you might understand this), but I know how excited you get because that’s when the kosher jelly is brought in…”

Lo and behold, the boy presents me with a jelly mould. I could not have been happier, or laughed any harder at his thoughtfulness.

I much prefer my jelly mould to this gushiness from the party store downstairs.

I much prefer my jelly mould to this gushiness from the party store downstairs.

Come Thursday night, with the State of the Nation Address… after hitting 2 blocked roads I eventually had to ask a policeman how to get to the Artscape, thus blowing the cover of my surprise. But it was alright, we got there in time and had such a great night. We really love going to see plays, especially the big yearly Artscape productions – I guess we’re nerdy like that. We’d only actually watched the movie a week before (cringe. I know. Please stop your judging.) and loved how the play matched up to the film. The dancing, the music, the usage of the stage, the acting, the classic story – all so lovely. Though the lead was nothing in comparison to Mr Swayze himself. I half wished I’d bought of those “No-one puts Baby in a corner!” or “I carried a watermelon!?” tshirts (I have a thing for buying tshirts from the plays I see, even though I’ve only done it twice…). If theatre is your hing, I totally recommend it!

I told Greg to dress "nicely-ish", so he decided to wear his new hat. He took it off in the end ;)

I told Greg to dress “nicely-ish”, so he decided to wear his new hat. He took it off in the end 😉

Coming up. we still have Madame Zingara and Cirque du soleil booked, and are trying to decide on seeing A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a Ventriloquist show, or Tap Dogs. So many options!

It’s been a busy and eventful last couple of weeks, and I’m hoping to chill a bit this weekend and get further stuck into this amazing book I’m currently reading 🙂 Hope you all have a lovely weekend.