Life isn’t always perfect. Even for Barbie.

Many moons ago I came across the photography series of Dina Goldstein entitled Fallen Princess and wrote my little bit about it. I was so taken by the message behind the series, about Disney pushing unrealistic ideals for little girls, and well – just look at those photos! They also kinda just tugged at some nostalgic heart-strings (I love me some good old nostalgia).

Cinderella Little Red Riding Hood sleeping-beauty

Today I stumbled on a similar series by Goldstein, called “In The Dollhouse”. Instead of Disney characters, Barbie and Ken are her subjects. Similar to her Fallen Pincess series, she injects some darkness into the seemingly “perfect” life of our favourite childhood doll (well, she was mine.) I was playing with my barbies until I was about 10, I remember getting an awesome one where you were given paint to put streaks in her hair. In my final year of university I even wrote a marketing essay about how Barbie and Ken were reunited via Social Media. I might be well over Barbie by now, but the memories are fond ones.

The series is a visual story of Barbie, stuck in a dysfunctional marriage and the resulting tragic decisions she makes. I think the pictures below speak volumes more than I could write about it. So I’ve only included some snippets, so you can look at the full series at this link.

in-the-doll-house-1 in-the-doll-house-3 in-the-doll-house-7 in-the-doll-house-8


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  1. […] Life isn’t always perfect. Even for Barbie. […]

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