An Evening With Harry Potter. Kind of.

I really like to see plays, something not so many people I know spend their money on. As a not-so-closet Harry Potter fan, I was super excited when I started seeing adverts for Off Broadways “Potted Potter” show. Note: This was about a year ago. The time rolled around, our tickets were booked, and off we went on our merry way.

potted potter harry potter play

Potter Potter, the unauthorised Harry Potter parody play is a 2 man show, summarising the 7 Harry Potter books we all know and love into 70 minutes. The originals of the show, Dan and Jeff were replaced in the South African leg of the tour with Gary and Jesse.

In the intimate Theatre on the Bay in Camps Bay, the crowd ranged from probably-too-young-to-have-ever-read-a-harry-potter-book to the-only-time-you-ever-read-any-of-these-books-was-reading-to-your-grandchildren. The stage set was modest consisting of a wooden train, the “forbidden forest” (not quite what it sounds like), a wardrobe, and a coffin. There were no theatrical set or costumes, but as one of the actors commented at the start – in shows like this, it’s less about the sets, and all about the acting. They could not possibly have been more right.


Nothing could have prepared me for such hilarity. Gary, the Harry Potter expert played Harry while Jesse played… practcally everybody else. There were points where Jesse was having such a laugh and was being so funny, that even Gary couldn’t keep himself contained. We began to wonder how much at certain points were even scripted, thoroughly impressed with their improv skills.

"Come, Nagini!"

“Come, Nagini!”

Dobby, our very favourite House Elf

Dobby, our very favourite House Elf

We sailed all the way through all 7 books, from Philospher’s Stone to the Deathly Hallows (“What are those even? Like haallooooo *cough*splutter* haaallloooo *cough*splutter*” – sorry, it was too funny at the time to not include). We even played a real game of Quidditch, the seekers rewarded with chocolate frogs. The show couldn’t have ended off better, with a sung Deathly Hallows rendition of “I will survive”.

Greg and I loved it, and laughed through the entire show. The friends we took with us, not so much. And it seems like there was a whole lot of old people who didn’t either, consider the empty seats after interval. But shame for all of them.


5 comments on “An Evening With Harry Potter. Kind of.

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