The thing with tattoos.

I’ve been try to go to gym more regularly this year, and this has me seeing plenty people with all sorts of tattoos. I’ve also been seeing a lot of people I follow on twitter talking about getting tattoos. It’s really gotten me thinking. I wonder why people get tattoos, and beyond that, what draws them to the images, quotes, location of each one they choose.

Personally I have no desire for a tattoo. But something just intrigue me about those I see so frequently. I can understand commemorating certain dates, people you love who’ve passed away, or names of your children. What is it exactly that makes one choose something so permanent?

And what makes people choose the images they do? There’s this one woman I see at gym almost every day and her whole torso is covered in various tattoos. I try not to stare, but the choice of images just intrigue me. I wonder what the story behind each one is, and the deciding process that led to that exact image. I saw a woman today, with a beautiful flower design from her ribs down her stomach – I thought it was really pretty. Another woman had a feather in the center of her back.


Do you choose an image/quote/whatever because it has a certain meaning, represent a past experience, or is it really nothing more than a picture you like for decorative purposes? I sometimes think just how much you have to really like a picture to decide to have it tattooed. Like I said, some are really beautiful. You’d never know some people even have tattoos because they’re in such subtle spots.

And what about the location of tattoos? Why did you choose the location of your first tattoo? I suppose it is also something personal: is this something you want to show off to others, or something you prefer to keep to yourself.

I remember in grade 10, a girl I sat next to in Art got a tattoo. It was on her lower back, beautiful black swirls and a dragonfly in the middle. It was really beautiful, but she said it hurt like hell. I’m not in touch with her, but I wonder what she thinks of it now?

I know my personal stance on tattoos, and know I have no desire for one, it’s just that seeing them around just has me wondering. I hope this doesn’t come across as condescending, I’m really just curious. Tattoo-ed people of the world, share your thoughts with me please.


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