The week in review

Some weeks fly by faster than usual and this really seems to have been one of them. Probably because we were just busy every single night. Which I suppose is a good thing (and very social on our parts too!)

Monday: Greg arrived home. He could only come back to the flat once I finished work because he didn’t have a set of keys (long, irrelevant story.) So he got home, I helped him unpack, he gave me presents (YAY PRESENTS!), and half an hour later he was gone… 😦 He was starting a new job and had a meeting to get to. Which lasted 3hrs… by 9pm they kicked him out when he told them he’d only seen me half an hour.

We went out for dinner, which isn’t something we do very often with limited kosher options in Cape Town. We went to a pizza place which recently opened a cocktail bar. This was very  exciting for us. While you can find kosher drinks out and about, we always find it such a mission checking the ingredients. It was such a pleasure to go an order a drink of choice without any fuss.

Tuesday: I went to go listen to Nadav Ben Yehuda, an Israeli climber who climbed Everest. 300m from the top he found a dying Turkish man and turned around to save him! Rather noble and praiseworthy. Amazing.

Wednesday: Some friends had set up a learning group which started Wednesday. By learning, I mean like Jewish learning, which is pretty done (just not usually by me). I was really going for the social vibe, but as they say, you can start doing something for the wrong reason in the hope you’ll come to do it for the right reason (or something flimsy like that).

Thursday: Was very sweet. Greg has a best friend who lives (well, lived) in jhb (he now lives in Cape Town). These 2 spent years together on camps as well as time on their gap years together. So we had him over for dinner and it was so nice. I’ve never known his friend very well, and whenever I’d see him the joke would be how I’m the 3rd wheel, because their relationship came first. I gave them some time after dinner to chat and catch up, and it was really special. You have to understand, 90% of the time Greg hangs out with me and my girl friends (which are all his actual friends too), he just doesn’t have so many guy friends left in CT. I know how important time with friends is, so it was good to just see them together.

And now the week is ending. It’s been long and super busy. Work has been busy! I come home pretty exhausted. I’m sometimes so glad I have shabbos to just switch off entirely, I really have no idea how the world manage without it. I consider it compulsory nap time. It’s too good.

We’re so lucky to have exciting things coming up though: We’ve booked to see the Broadway/West End show Potted Potter (my inner Harry Potter fan is squealing with joy), have booked for Cirque Du Soleil and just confirmed our tickets to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary at Madame Zingara! So many exciting things happening. Sometimes, you really gotta just count your lucky stars 🙂

Happy weekend everyone!


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