“You can only go away if you bring back presents.”

OK, I really didn’t say that.

Greg just got back from a two-week trip to Israel. He was taking a group of this year’s matric and for many of them this was their first time in Israel. You can imagine a trip with a bunch of matric teenagers (note: they also flew out on New Years Eve), let’s just say it was pretty fun. Well, from what I heard anyway. Israel is a really fun place to visit, going to markets, tours, museums, ancient sites and the best part of their trip – SNOW! Israel isn’t usually a snowy place, hence the extra excitement about it.

But after 2 weeks, I’m really glad that he’s home. We’re not the mushy couple type who cant stand an hour apart. (I was actually the one who pushed him to apply for the program). I’ve been away for a month at a time running camps in December, and we managed to survive (thanks to my 8hrs of free minutes I’d manage to save up each year). But it’s different when overseas. Luckily, he had a great cellphone deal that allowed him to call international landlines for free, but only had access to internet (ie. whatsapp) in wireless zones. The calls home every night were great, but it was difficult not having the small messages throughout the day. That was different.

But he’s back. And that what counts. And who would be allowed back from a foreign country without presents? (Again, I’d never really say that. To his face. And mean it). I luckily got as spoiled as could be. There were many other things I would have bought myself, but when you’re on a tour, time isn’t really your own.

Presents from Israel!

Presents from Israel!

Play: Greg bought us this really cool game called Set. It’s somewhat hard to explain. Basically, you have these cards, which are in different variations of shape, colour and opacity. About 9 get laid out on a table and you have to visually spot the different “sets”. Whoever collects the most sets, wins. I actually really suck at this game, so I’m keen to get some extra practice.

Eat: As a Jew living out of Israel, and keeping kosher, you may not return from the Holy Land without edibles. I was very lucky to have received yummy shuk sweets (a shuk is a market.) They’re really just gummy sweets. But they’re kosher, hence the excitement. He also brought back my favourite pastries. They’re kind of like roggelach, a pastry swirled/wrapped in chocolate. These are my best, from this little stall at the shuk my friend introduced me to on my gap year. Absolutely chocolate heaven-in-your-mouth. He bought them Friday, so by the time he got back yesterday (Monday) it was still totally delish. Who am I kidding, I would have eaten them in a heartbeat regardless.

Smell: I always love receiving perfume as a gift, and luckily Israel always seem to have some great sales. Greg bought me the very yummy DKNY Be Delicious. When we go in June I plan on coming home with no less than 2 more perfumes.

Along with that he also bought me a couple of scarves, these nuts we like, a beautiful artwork and a Havdalah candle. I’m glad he had a good time, but I’m even more glad having him back home 🙂 There will be plenty more shopping in June when we go again!

welcome home


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