And what a lovely holiday it was.

Over the week of Christmas Greg and I went on our very first holiday together! Some may have called it a honeymoon, but we’re hoping for a much bigger trip to call our honeymoon. We headed along the Garden Route to the very charming town of Knysna, and stayed in the loveliest little place overlooking the entire lagoon. I loved that it was the downstairs of someones house, renovated to rent out. So it was completely private, unlike a guest house or B&B. I guess I like my privacy sometimes.

The first day, after lots of driving, (we also left an hour late thanks to my alarm not going off…) we settled in and did some essential grocery shopping at the mall. After that, because we figured we wouldn’t be doing anything hectic, we also checked out the Knysna waterfront. It’s really sweet and quaint, and I just love as you come in with all the colourful flags fluttering away. We had planned to braai for supper every night, and it was Greg’s first time braaing solo – let me tell you, the boy outdid himself!




We made a point of hitting the beach while we were  I was super excited to get my tan on, this whole sitting in an office 9-5 every day has been messing with my naturally dark complexion. We headed to Buffel’s Baai, a popular beach just before Knysna (I think the one downside of Knysna is it’s lack of beaches, but a little driving never hurt anyone). It was completely quiet. The sand was burning our feet. We struggled to set up the damn umbrella but we soaked up some rays, reading books and magazines.




The fact that we keep kosher resulted in us having to be extra creative when going out, and also resulted in some extra budget that we didn’t have to spend in restaurants. So aside from spending time at the beach (which we actually only did twice, the other days we attempted to the weather was bad) we actually did some great activities! We took a ferry from the waterfront to the Featherbed nature reserve, right by the Knysna heads. This was a full on 3 hour excursion! After quite a humourous ride (the tour guide’s clearly scripted stories were very funny), we took these buggies all the way up the mountain where we got some exquisite views! What goes up, must come down and we were no exception. The rest of the trip was a walk all the way down the mountain. Luckily it was downhill.





There were also detours to some beautiful viewpoints. The only thing while traveling as a couple, is it’s very difficult to take photos of the two of you. There’s only so many photos you can take with your arm outstretched holding your camera… Eventually, this family kept taking pictures for us, which was super nice of them. We decided we need to invest in an extendable arm – don’t laugh, my friend has one (and while they are hysterical, they are also particularly convenient!)




We wondered what other attractions there were in the area, and upon googling discovered the Plett Puzzle Park! It includes a massive, life size, 3D maze – and as big Survivor fans, this excited us greatly! There was also a Forest Puzzle walk, which has puzzle stations along a 500m forest walk. Again – this excited our inner Survivor fans greatly, and were super eager to “win all the challenges, without getting voted off the island.”

You may think these are activities to take your children to, (they are, but we sometimes consider ourselves children too) but that maze was damn difficult! You had to find your way to the different corners, submit your key, and get given the next one. In the heat of the day, I actually felt more frustrated than a little child would be. But with the help of fellow travelers we managed to find our way to all 4 corners! Success! (I don’t remember being so excited. I literally did a victory dance at every corner!)






We were also surprisingly good at the puzzles. These were also really difficult, and I was genuinely really bleak whenever we got one wrong. Either way, we managed to get 7/9 right and were rewarded with a free drink at the shops. Woohoo. There’s no way we would have been voted off the island with those results!



We ended our trip at the campsite of our Youth Movement where we usually run summer camps at every year. Working and being married couldn’t even prevent us from stopping by one last time.




It was a really great holiday where the days just rolled into one another, we took our time, went to bed whenever we liked (be it early or really late), we just enjoyed being in each others company away from home. Of course, being our first holiday away together, it really was a memorable one.





3 comments on “And what a lovely holiday it was.

  1. Kirsty says:

    Happy kind-of-honeymoon!

    • Thaaanks! 🙂 We just called it a getaway, the plan is to hopefully do a big overseas trip which we’d call our honeymoon end of the year. By then, we’d be almost married 2 years… yikes! (note: we’re not even married a year yet! Talk about planning ahead…)

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