Maybe you shouldn’t read Dr Seuss to your kids.

Greg loves Dr. Seuss. He tells me over and over again how much he read the books with his parents as a kid, and how all his books now reside with his little cousins in London. He shows such a deep love for these books, that I’m even considering buying him a box set for his 26th birthday. (I’d like to, but I somehow don’t think he’d appreciate it as much as something more age appropriate.)

We know that Dr Seuss books, while written for children, come laden with underlying messages, carefully woven into those pretty pictures and rhyming words. What would happen though, if Dr Seuss books were named according to those underlying messages? I wonder if your parent’s would have stopped reading them to you.

seuss03 seuss02 seuss01

Source: The amazing Hurricane Vanessa.


Some non-gushy Valentine’s crafts. If that’s your thing.

In all the years we’ve been together, I don’t recall Greg and I ever celebrating Valentine’s Day. I suppose like all skeptic’s we don’t feel we need a special day just to say “I love you”. We’re also a particularly UN-mushy couple (well most times, allow some mush for our 1 year wedding anniversary coming up).

The reason we are all so hyper-aware of this “holiday” is due to the clutter on sites such as pinterest (my poor feed), and don’t get me started on the red, pink and white explosion at the party shop downstairs. Blow, some gushy Valentine’s crafts a la Pinterest:

Excuse me while I barf. It's like a heart explosion.

Excuse me while I barf. It’s like a heart explosion.

Yet if Valentine’s Day is your thing, but you try to find things that aren’t mushy or gushy I found some really great crafts to spice up your gifts. It’s all about presentation anyway, right?

Printable wrapping paper. It makes me want to buy gifts and wrap them in the cutest, tiniest little boxes.

Printable wrapping paper. It makes me want to buy gifts and wrap them in the cutest, tiniest little boxes.


If you don't have a box, put your little gift into this quirky one.

If you don’t have a box, put your little gift into this quirky one.


This is a nifty little card. It has geek written all over it. I'm I'm totally ok with that.

This is a nifty little card. It has geek written all over it, and I’m totally ok with that.

I still don’t know how I feel about Valentine’s day, or if I would ever adorn our flat in pink and white hearts, but I must admit that these little guys are something I’d consider. Best thing is – each of these have a printable template so you can make your own! You can thank me later.

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Life recently via instgram

Because instagram is the perfect capture of one’s life, right? (Follow me, leelipman89)

The chain of my favourite necklace (actually, it’s the only one I wear), with my name on it in Hebrew snapped. It’s broken before, and luckily is easily fixable. But you do feel a little naked when something you wear this frequent is suddenly gone.


This Greg, with Rocky. I hate rocky.


I stumbled into the Exclusive Books Summer Sale last week, and am really glad I did. Greg came to meet me and we came out with an impressive haul of books. I’m really enjoying reading again, and even more so actually owning books! They’re so expensive to buy, we usually borrow. Here’s to our growing collection.


We saw Potted Potter. I loved it, those we took with us didn’t. But hey, their loss.


This is a funny story. Greg was going to fetch something from the garage, locked the security gate (as one does), only to realise the key wouldn’t fit back in to open it… I was stuck inside, and he was stuck outside. While we waited for my dad to come save the day, Greg sat happily on his laptop, which was plugged in inside and slipped through to him. All while I made dinner. Naturally.


Our neighbour bought a cat on the weekend, and called us frantically that after having it home for only 20 minute’s she’d lost it. She eventually found the poor thing curled under her bed. We came later to play, and catsit while she went out to do some groceries. Her name is currently Mona (Mona Lisa), purely because she was meowing and moaning so much when she got lost.


This was terribly exciting for us. We managed to finally find fridge poetry Exclusive Books! There are so  many words, we haven’t even put up half of them. We did try an attempt at some poetry though, some of it even got a little dodgy – this is possibly one of my favourite buys 🙂


We went out for coffee last night with a friend who was moving overseas, and on the walk home I noticed this car. I just found it really amusing.


Life isn’t always perfect. Even for Barbie.

Many moons ago I came across the photography series of Dina Goldstein entitled Fallen Princess and wrote my little bit about it. I was so taken by the message behind the series, about Disney pushing unrealistic ideals for little girls, and well – just look at those photos! They also kinda just tugged at some nostalgic heart-strings (I love me some good old nostalgia).

Cinderella Little Red Riding Hood sleeping-beauty

Today I stumbled on a similar series by Goldstein, called “In The Dollhouse”. Instead of Disney characters, Barbie and Ken are her subjects. Similar to her Fallen Pincess series, she injects some darkness into the seemingly “perfect” life of our favourite childhood doll (well, she was mine.) I was playing with my barbies until I was about 10, I remember getting an awesome one where you were given paint to put streaks in her hair. In my final year of university I even wrote a marketing essay about how Barbie and Ken were reunited via Social Media. I might be well over Barbie by now, but the memories are fond ones.

The series is a visual story of Barbie, stuck in a dysfunctional marriage and the resulting tragic decisions she makes. I think the pictures below speak volumes more than I could write about it. So I’ve only included some snippets, so you can look at the full series at this link.

in-the-doll-house-1 in-the-doll-house-3 in-the-doll-house-7 in-the-doll-house-8

An Evening With Harry Potter. Kind of.

I really like to see plays, something not so many people I know spend their money on. As a not-so-closet Harry Potter fan, I was super excited when I started seeing adverts for Off Broadways “Potted Potter” show. Note: This was about a year ago. The time rolled around, our tickets were booked, and off we went on our merry way.

potted potter harry potter play

Potter Potter, the unauthorised Harry Potter parody play is a 2 man show, summarising the 7 Harry Potter books we all know and love into 70 minutes. The originals of the show, Dan and Jeff were replaced in the South African leg of the tour with Gary and Jesse.

In the intimate Theatre on the Bay in Camps Bay, the crowd ranged from probably-too-young-to-have-ever-read-a-harry-potter-book to the-only-time-you-ever-read-any-of-these-books-was-reading-to-your-grandchildren. The stage set was modest consisting of a wooden train, the “forbidden forest” (not quite what it sounds like), a wardrobe, and a coffin. There were no theatrical set or costumes, but as one of the actors commented at the start – in shows like this, it’s less about the sets, and all about the acting. They could not possibly have been more right.


Nothing could have prepared me for such hilarity. Gary, the Harry Potter expert played Harry while Jesse played… practcally everybody else. There were points where Jesse was having such a laugh and was being so funny, that even Gary couldn’t keep himself contained. We began to wonder how much at certain points were even scripted, thoroughly impressed with their improv skills.

"Come, Nagini!"

“Come, Nagini!”

Dobby, our very favourite House Elf

Dobby, our very favourite House Elf

We sailed all the way through all 7 books, from Philospher’s Stone to the Deathly Hallows (“What are those even? Like haallooooo *cough*splutter* haaallloooo *cough*splutter*” – sorry, it was too funny at the time to not include). We even played a real game of Quidditch, the seekers rewarded with chocolate frogs. The show couldn’t have ended off better, with a sung Deathly Hallows rendition of “I will survive”.

Greg and I loved it, and laughed through the entire show. The friends we took with us, not so much. And it seems like there was a whole lot of old people who didn’t either, consider the empty seats after interval. But shame for all of them.