Time for the holidays!

For the first time in my life I am finally able to really appreciate what “holidays” mean. In school and university, they’re just the massive stretches you have where you’re able to do absolutely nothing. You feel kind of bleak to go back, but you know inevitably you’ll have another break in about 3 months.

But no, not when you’re working. You’re so lucky to get those handful of days you have in December time, and it’s absolutely heartbreaking to think it’ll be a whole year before you can take another big chunk out to relax. I’ve only been working for 6 months now, but I am SO excited for this holiday – because we’re going AWAY!

I stopped going on family holidays years ago. And for the years since then, Summer holidays involved running a summer camp in Mossel Bay. We’ve never been away together, Greg and I, so we’re super excited to be heading to the Garden Route. OK, it’s only 5 days but it’ll be us, books, beaches, sunshine, summer and just happy times!

A colleague said I’m actually lucky that I get to use this time as an actual holiday, because for a lot of people Christmas time is obviously a time for family and that stuff.

Either way – I seriously cannot wait. 😀


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