Cape Town went gaga for Gaga.

I’ve always been very open about my taste in music, which I confidently term as “commercial crap”. I have no problem listening to trashy pop from the radio. The morning Lady Gaga tickets were released I begged my dad to buy me an early birthday present (unemployment sure sucks!)… it was without a doubt THE best birthday present I have EVER gotten!

Lady Gaga did NOT disappoint. It was beyond a concert. It was a work of art, a theatrical production. Dancing, sets, music – I felt like I was watching what Phantom of the Opera would look like if it was on acid and projected into the future, and instead of a love story between 2 people, it was a love between Gaga, her fans, ourselves, unity and acceptance.

Lady Gaga Cape Town

Lady Gaga Cape Town

Lady Gaga Cape Town

Lady Gaga Cape Town


Lady Gaga Cape Town

Lady Gaga Cape Town

Lady Gaga Cape Town

Some of my personal highlights:

  • Buying a pink wig off someone and wearing it for the performance.
  • The castle set.
  • Gaga arriving onto the stage on a horse!
  • The birth scene (not quite a highlight, but surely one to remember!)
  • Her personal story & inspiring messages
  • Seeing how inspired the audience was, especially those in the Monster Pit.
  • That reallyannoying chic on stage with her, who practically tried to take over the show.
  • Shreibe, Americano, Black Jesus, Born This Way.
  • The encore (which fool actually left when she said she was playing “the last song” pffft. You missed out)
  • When she brought up that little girl on stage for the encore of Marry The Night, and genuinely cared and looked after her while on stage.

Some other great moments captured on video:


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