Everyone deserves some Christmas cheer.

I’ve kind of felt a bit left out of the Christmas vibe this year, for the first time in my little Jewish life. Even more so than when I was in New York in December 2010 and walked a winter wonderland filled with Christmas Carols. I feel that everyone deserves a bit of Christmas cheer, and I felt somewhat included when the following link made its way around the office at work this morning.


So off I went and put in my home address (well, my parents) and look what happened…


Yep. That’s the outside of my parents house! On the one side it’s kinda cool. On the other though, its pretty darn creepy… and not just because Google can see the outside of your house…

It’s more because you’re viewing your own home through the window of your neighbour. I don’t know the people across the road.. and now you’re peeking in at my house? Yes. Totally creepy. (In cases like this I’m very thankful for South Africa’s high walls and electric fences)

But hey, even in all it’s creepiness, it’s pretty cool! Sadly, they couldn’t get the right view of our flat… yet I suppose that could be a good thing too 😉


3 comments on “Everyone deserves some Christmas cheer.

  1. Kirsty says:

    Oh, the link won’t work on my computer 😦 bleak

  2. Kirsty says:

    While trying to find something similar online, I came across this article. Thought you might have some interest in it. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rabbi-daniel-brenner/mommy-do-jews-believe-in-the-christmas-story_b_2247365.html

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