Time for the holidays!

For the first time in my life I am finally able to really appreciate what “holidays” mean. In school and university, they’re just the massive stretches you have where you’re able to do absolutely nothing. You feel kind of bleak to go back, but you know inevitably you’ll have another break in about 3 months.

But no, not when you’re working. You’re so lucky to get those handful of days you have in December time, and it’s absolutely heartbreaking to think it’ll be a whole year before you can take another big chunk out to relax. I’ve only been working for 6 months now, but I am SO excited for this holiday – because we’re going AWAY!

I stopped going on family holidays years ago. And for the years since then, Summer holidays involved running a summer camp in Mossel Bay. We’ve never been away together, Greg and I, so we’re super excited to be heading to the Garden Route. OK, it’s only 5 days but it’ll be us, books, beaches, sunshine, summer and just happy times!

A colleague said I’m actually lucky that I get to use this time as an actual holiday, because for a lot of people Christmas time is obviously a time for family and that stuff.

Either way – I seriously cannot wait. 😀

Didn’t your mom tell you not to play with your food?

Well, I’m sure glad that Brock Davis didn’t listen to his mom.

First I was drawn to the cute little creative things he’s done with food. And upon further browsing fell in love with the illustrations he’d made for kiddie tee’s (also most of which involved food). They’re so cute and amusing, that I plol-ed (proper lol-ed) at my desk.

The captions below are direct from his portfolio site, can’t take the credit for some of his wittisism. (<– possibly not a word, but related to wit)

banana brock davis

My kids were grumpy at breakfast one Saturday morning, so I had the idea to make a quick banana peel trucker hat for the banana to wear using the peel of the banana. This cheered them up and made the banana look relatively hip.

broccoli brock davis

I wasn’t able to build my son a treehouse, so I built him this broccoli house instead.


Cucumber Killer Whale – I was supposed to cut this up for a salad.

rice crispie

Rice Crispiehenge


This is what would probably happen if you put a cheeseburger on a trampoline.




Bless you!

nude beach

A Burger at a Nude beach 😉


Spaghettin’ fit!

     How can you not LOVE his stuff?! Check out his full site for plenty more awesomeness.

Clients say the darndest things.

Clients in the creative industry are really fickle things. Some know what they want. Some think they know what they want. And some don’t have a clue, while pretending they know exactly what’s potting.

So the creative community of Ireland got together to release a lot of pent up anger and sadness by taking the time to dress up their favourite worst feedback from clients, transforming quotes that would normally give you a twitch, into a diverse collection of posters.

I’ve seen these before, a number of times, on a number of different blogs, but figured it was time to share it myself.Austin1







more whitre space



Find the full collection of these beauties here.

Guys, Pinterest has nothing on me.

Last night I did something that Pinterest would be proud of.

So while cooking, I like to use quite a lot of different spices (aside for just salt and pepper). The thing is that our spices are all stored in our grocery cupboard, while it may not seem like a big deal, when you keep having to go backwards and forwards to gather a couple at a time, it gets annoying.

And suddenly a brainwave struck me. The bread bin. The bread bin, you ask? Well, it kinda sits empty next to our oven because Greg prefers to keep bread in the fridge. The cogs started working, I got over excited – and here’s what we’ve got:

spice storage

Note the colour coding…

I must say that I am pretty darn chuffed with myself and my impromptu creativity/organisation skills.

Cape Town went gaga for Gaga.

I’ve always been very open about my taste in music, which I confidently term as “commercial crap”. I have no problem listening to trashy pop from the radio. The morning Lady Gaga tickets were released I begged my dad to buy me an early birthday present (unemployment sure sucks!)… it was without a doubt THE best birthday present I have EVER gotten!

Lady Gaga did NOT disappoint. It was beyond a concert. It was a work of art, a theatrical production. Dancing, sets, music – I felt like I was watching what Phantom of the Opera would look like if it was on acid and projected into the future, and instead of a love story between 2 people, it was a love between Gaga, her fans, ourselves, unity and acceptance.

Lady Gaga Cape Town

Lady Gaga Cape Town

Lady Gaga Cape Town

Lady Gaga Cape Town


Lady Gaga Cape Town

Lady Gaga Cape Town

Lady Gaga Cape Town

Some of my personal highlights:

  • Buying a pink wig off someone and wearing it for the performance.
  • The castle set.
  • Gaga arriving onto the stage on a horse!
  • The birth scene (not quite a highlight, but surely one to remember!)
  • Her personal story & inspiring messages
  • Seeing how inspired the audience was, especially those in the Monster Pit.
  • That reallyannoying chic on stage with her, who practically tried to take over the show.
  • Shreibe, Americano, Black Jesus, Born This Way.
  • The encore (which fool actually left when she said she was playing “the last song” pffft. You missed out)
  • When she brought up that little girl on stage for the encore of Marry The Night, and genuinely cared and looked after her while on stage.

Some other great moments captured on video:

Everyone deserves some Christmas cheer.

I’ve kind of felt a bit left out of the Christmas vibe this year, for the first time in my little Jewish life. Even more so than when I was in New York in December 2010 and walked a winter wonderland filled with Christmas Carols. I feel that everyone deserves a bit of Christmas cheer, and I felt somewhat included when the following link made its way around the office at work this morning.


So off I went and put in my home address (well, my parents) and look what happened…


Yep. That’s the outside of my parents house! On the one side it’s kinda cool. On the other though, its pretty darn creepy… and not just because Google can see the outside of your house…

It’s more because you’re viewing your own home through the window of your neighbour. I don’t know the people across the road.. and now you’re peeking in at my house? Yes. Totally creepy. (In cases like this I’m very thankful for South Africa’s high walls and electric fences)

But hey, even in all it’s creepiness, it’s pretty cool! Sadly, they couldn’t get the right view of our flat… yet I suppose that could be a good thing too 😉