A short(ish. ok, not quite…) life update.

It’s been a while since I last posted anything, so here are some updates of what’s been going on:

1. I FINALLY got the brownies right! I don’t know whether it was the oven temp (remember, it was 20 degrees too hot!), the overmixing, my crappy skills or a combination of all of the above… but I finally got them right when I made them for Greg’s uncles birthday. They were just as chocolatey, gooey, and fudgey as I always wanted! I just wish I had more time to bake again.

2. I got my first *big girl* pay slip yesterday! The money only comes through tomorrow, yet I never thought a white sheet of paper could ever mean so much to me. I have the odd inclination to frame it, but know I would never do it (no, really, I promise I wouldn’t).

3. My friend is getting married on Sunday, which is REALLY exciting. It’s a crazy busy week though with the kitchen tea last week, bachelorette this week, shabbos kallah and then the wedding on Sunday. But hey, nothing wrong with keeping busy – especially when it’s for such a great cause!

4. On the note of weddings, I actually have 4 weddings scheduled in the next 3 weeks. 2 of them are in jhb, and unfortunately we couldn’t afford to fly up for either of them. The one wedding is today actually, so I’m kinda bleak to be sitting in my office in Cape Town when I could be in jhb celebrating with them. It’s hard, but that’s life I guess. I it’s a good thing, Jews clearly like to get married (and get engaged, and have babies – so much of this stuff going on!)

5. My mom is turning 50 this week (which really isn’t as old as she thinks it is.) and on Saturday night we got a party bus for her and all her friends. It was really fun! I never realised how cute my parents were, or how funny they were, or where on earth they found all these friends that I’d never seen or heard of… seems there is much I don’t know.

6. Greg has finally sorted himself out for work next year, which means we could finally book to go on holiday! (One of his options wouldn’t give him leave over December). So we’re in the process of looking. It’s crazy trying to find a place with under a month to go to Christmas… but we’re keeping our hopes up for the time being 😛 I may only have been a working girl for a few months, but I already feel I could use a holiday!

7. I cannot WAIT for Lady Gaga next Monday! Granted, it will be straight after a mad weekend of wedding madness, but hey. I can sleep on Tuesday night 😛

So that’s my life at the moment. 🙂

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