Read this if you’re a walking disaster in the kitchen like me

A link on Pinterest caught my eye this morning as I was wondering about the state of my oven (for baking update, see below), it lists a whole lot of common cooking mistakes (which is quite nicely phrased, I would call them something along the lines of “Culinary Catastrophes”). Thankfully, I was not victim to any of them. Though, it never helped me with my brownie problem (I was quite bleak about that). Nor did it tell me how to make the perfect fried egg, which Greg and I cannot seem to get right.


How to melt chocolateHealthy Baking SubstitutionsUnderbaking breads and cakes


Preventing mushy vegetables

Lumpy GravyOne test on this link did catch my eye, its a check to do on your oven to check out if it has hot/cold spots. Basically, you line a baking tray with white bread, put it in the oven for 10 minutes and see where the bread turns darker or lighter. Obviously the ideal is for it to all be the same amount of crispiness across the board…

So we tested our oven yesterday, we didn’t have much time and I would have liked to spend more time doing more extensive tests. We left the oven on for like 15min at “180” degrees… after the allotted time, the thermometer read 200 degrees… showing that our oven could be 20 degrees off.

Bakers of the world, does this seem like a drastic issue?

I’m only asking, because the packaging of the thermometer said that it could be 10 degrees off, which could make my oven only 10 degrees off… or 30 degrees off… This baking thing is really proving to be more of a science (or one big problem!)

I’m just really craving a chocolatey, gooey brownies. The baking Gods are clearly not impressed with me.

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