The Charitable Post.

There’s this new thing that I like to do these days. I’m really enjoying helping people out when I can. (I say this at the risk of sounding like an uncharitable snob, which I’m totally not, I’m a really nice and caring person). This isn’t things like giving money to people in the streets, it’s just small things to help people out who could really use it, and things which are totally manageable and at the end of the day, really make my heart feel good (which is not the reason I do it, it’s more like a by-product).

Small things have happened recently. Like Greg’s colleague who has been about to pop with her child for about forever (She actually finally gave birth today!). The Friday night before she was due, I was wondering where her and her husband were having Friday night Shabbos dinner. I assumed they’d be home, because walking anywhere would be a bit of a mish in her state. So we invited them over, because we’re just a little bit down the road, and told them to freeze whatever food had been made for once she has the baby so she won’t have to worry. I just wanted them to have a night off. She gave birth this afternoon, and we already have food waiting to be delivered to them (I think I’m starting to show symptoms of Jewish Wife Tendencies, with the constant need to feed people.)

Our shul also has a new Rabbi, him and his wife were actually my madrichim (counsellors) on summer camps. They moved down from Durban with their almost-newborn, and were staying in a flat for a week waiting to move into their flat. We figured we’d invite them over for dinner. We’ve also invited other friends over here and there, usually friends who moved to Cape Town to study and would otherwise just have to cook for one (probably more of a mish than just cooking for 2!).

(We also just heard that a friend from jhb is down in CT in hospital, so we’re visiting this evening with some goodies, just to make her smile. Because everyone deserves to smile, even when they’re sick and in a hospital room.)

The intention is in all these cases, is that we would be cooking anyway. We just want to give someone a night off to not worry about making dinner, because who wants to worry about these things when you’re about to pop with a baby/just moved across the country/a student living on your own. Each of these instances where we’ve had people over were just so great. We haven’t been able to cater big shabbos meals, as the costs get too high, but we really love having one or two people over at a time. I love it on the one hand because it’s so intimate, we were able to have such high quality conversations with each of our guests. Yet I think I love it even more because I know that something not so big for me, probably meant a whole lot more to them.

Maybe I’m sounding self-righteous (because who knows, they may have just thought of it as a polite dinner invite), and I really started this post with a point… About how the small things to us, can mean so much more to others. Well either way, they say that charity starts at home. So this is my home, and in it, we’re trying to be charitable. By inviting others in.


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