An update on my budding baking career

If you follow my dear little blog you will be sure to have read about my brownie baking mishaps (read: fails). After finding what I thought was the problem (overmixing the batter resulting in excess gluten resulting in cakey brownies), and ultimately overcooking my brownies last Thursday… I was determined to try one last time straight after work on Friday, right before shabbos came in.

I mixed the oil, sugar and cocoa like the recipe instructed.

I mixed in each egg until incorporated, as instructed.

I ever so slowly mixed in the flour and baking powder until just combined.

I even undercooked the brownies by 10 minutes.

And they were still a cakey mess.


Upon more googling:


I decided that it can’t be me. Can it? So the next step is to test the oven (I need to sign blame to someone, and I’m getting kinda sick of i being ME all the time!). Upon further googling, I read that I needed to get hold of an oven thermometer. We’ve located one, and I’m hoping to test it this week.

Please God this will be the end of my brownie baking disasters.

Otherwise I’m switching to muffins.


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