Another failed brownie attempt.

My last brownie attempt really had me questioning the legitimacy of my oven. I figured it couldn’t always be me, right!? Hence, blaming the oven. A little bit of research though on Dr. Google showed me where I may have been going wrong. I love baking brownies because you just gooi it in a bowl, mix, viola! No. Wrong.

Dr Google made me realise that I could be over-mixing my brownies (something about mixing the flour too much, produces extra gluten, which makes it rise more, resulting in failed, cakey brownies). Upon closer inspection of the recipe, I actually saw I was meant to mixed everything… and only mix in the flour at the end. This would then make sense as to why my flour was “producing excess gluten” because it had been added to the mixture so much earlier. Stupid. (I really need to follow directions more closely.)

So here I was this evening, with a new spring in my step and hope in my little heart to attempt to make brownies without.over.mixing. My friend was over keeping me company, and I was every so careful when adding and mixing all my ingredients. In the oven, they smelled better than ever! Open the oven, stick in the toothpick – they feel fudgey – yay!

NO! After letting them cool I tried to slice them. I have never needed so much effort to slice a brownie. Damnit. Overcooked. And then it hit me… usually, I follow my friends advice of doubling the recipe and hence extending the baking time. This time I didn’t double it… but stupidly used the same baking time I always do.

Overcooked brownies.

My poor little heart is broken.


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