Halloween is coming.

So I’m really not one for Halloween, I don’t think as big a deal of it is made on this side of the earth. I know a lot of kids in High School, and I know a lot of them make a big deal about Halloween and someone usually throws a party that everyone goes to. I suppose it’s just an excuse to dress up. Maybe I’m not so into it, because us Jews already have a time of year for dress up, and I like to put in the effort into my Purim costumes.

A bee in 2008

Nerds in 2009

Pirates in 2010

That brief photographic interlude was just proof that us Jews do get to play dress up to.

Anyway, that is far from the point. The point is that Halloween is coming and there are some really awesome events going on!

On Saturday is the Cape Town Zombie walk. On the one hand, it sucks because it’s on Shabbos. The plus side is that it is on the promenade. And we live in Sea Point (practically on the promenade!). So my plans for Shabbos afternoon are to totally sit on the beach front and watch the Zombie Apocalypse take place right here in Cape Town. Sadly, there will be no photographic evidence (Shabbos and all.)

Zombie Walk Cape Town

What’s also cool, is the Horror Fest happening at the Labia. I did a Horror seminar at varsity last year for my film course and it was really fun, so I feel like I know a bit of how the mechanism behind the horror movie works. Now my chances of attending this would be slim to none anyway considering Greg’s aversion to any movies that are remotely scary. The other night I convinced him and 2 friends to watch The Others (Which is relatively unscary in the way that horrors go), but the 1 friend actually left the room she was so scared, and because we are such good friends, we changed the movie. But Greg and I finished it the next night. Now Greg just thinks I’m crazy.

Well, it’s not my fault that he’s afraid of scary things.

What are you doing over Halloween? Or dressing up as? I’m sure if you head over to pinterest, you’ll find plenty ideas 🙂


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